Are you married for quite sometime now? Changes are normal in a long-term relationship like marriage. You will encounter changes not only with your everyday life as a couple or parents to your children but also in the level of your intimacy with each other. Intimacy is very important in a relationship and if you feel that your husband is getting cold and distant, you may need to do something to enhance your intimacy with your husband to keep your marriage healthy, happy and strong.

If you think that the intimacy in your marriage can be improved, do not hesitate to take the necessary action because lack of intimacy in a marriage could lead to infidelity and eventually to separation or divorce. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to enhance your intimacy with your husband.

Keep dating and do not wait for your husband to ask you for a date. It is a common belief that dating is just for people who are into "getting to know each other" stage and once they got married, dating has to stop. They get so comfortable with each other and know each other very well that they think that they do not have to date. Couples who have this kind of thinking are making a mistake because dating is a very important part of a relationship like marriage. Spending time together alone in a date keeps the relationship strong and healthy. Another wrong notion about dating is the belief that men should always initiate the date and they should be the first to ask women for a date. Why you need to wait for your husband to ask you for a date? Why not do something for a change and prepare something special for your husband and ask him for a date? This kind of gesture can be very helpful if your want to enhance your intimacy with your husband. Make him feel special and set-up a romantic date to a romantic place and surprise your husband.

Be romantic. Men are not the only ones that should be romantic. Marriage is composed of two people and as a wife, you have to do your share to increase the level of romance in your marriage. Little gesture of love means a lot in a marriage. When was the last time you hold your husband's hand and gave him a quick kiss while walking in the park? Have you tried surprising him at work bringing his favorite food? How about giving him a massage after a long tiring day at work? Small things like sending him love notes, romantic text messages and calling him once in a while to tell him that you love him can be very romantic. Be romantic if you want to enhance your intimacy with your husband and if you want to bring more life into your marriage.

Seduce your husband. Do you want other women to seduce your husband? Of course you do not want that to happen so why not seduce your husband yourself to enhance your intimacy with your husband. As a wife you also have to be sexy and seductive to enhance the level of excitement of your husband. Maintain a well-shaped body and try those sexy lingerie and underwear to excite your husband's imagination. Strip or dance for your husband and see how he will get excited with those seductive moves from you.

Be open-minded in experimenting in the bedroom. Chances are you husband have sexual fantasies that need to be fulfilled. Why not take the initiative to ask him about his sexual fantasies and keep an open mind about them. Expressing your willingness to experiment in the bedroom may bring new life to your sex life and can be very helpful if you want to enhance your intimacy with your husband. Your husband will be deeply touched by your willingness to give him the pleasure he deserves. Of course, you are doing this because you are genuinely ready to experiment in the bedroom because if you are uncomfortable doing this, lovemaking with your husband will end up as a disaster.

There are a number of ways that you can do to enhance your intimacy with your husband. Do you want to know more techniques in keeping your marriage strong and avoid divorce?

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