Finding just the right greeting cards to send to people can often be fairly tricky. Not only do you have to track down one which is suited to the occasion or event, but you also need to find an image which captures the feeling you have about the recipient.

The number of occasions on which people send or receive specially printed cards is growing in number all the time. In the past, this was a habit which was limited usually to birthdays, Christmas and Easter but in recent years, despite the ever widening nature of electronic communications, people have chosen to send more and more cards. This is because the very ubiquity of things such as text messaging, emails and Facebook updates tends to militate against any of them being the kind of medium suited to sending heartfelt emotional messages. When somebody moves into a new house, has a baby, passes their driving test or graduates from university, then you want them to know precisely how proud and pleased you are, and sending a card will get this message across firmly and emphatically.

The downside to this is that finding the perfect card can often be very difficult. You may want an amusing card to make someone smile, for example, only to find that the idea of ‘funny’ which is embraced by card manufacturers and retailers differs markedly from both yours and the recipients. Either that, or a card intended to mark a traditional day such as Valentine’s Day will feature the same tired, cliched images that you’re keen to get away from. By far the most effective means of making sure that the cards you send are exactly what you want them to be, right down to the smallest detail, is to make them yourself and, thanks to digital technology, crafting personalized greeting cards is no longer something restricted to those with an arts and craft bent.

If you’ve ever seen someone receive a gift or card which has been especially made for them, then you won’t need convincing of the impact this can have – the knowledge that you’ve taken the time and trouble to actually create something, rather than merely buying it, will touch the heart of anyone on the receiving end. The problem, until now, has been that very few people feel confident in their ability to manufacture such an item. After all, no matter what the sentiment behind it, if the gift or card you give is shoddy and poorly made, then the impact will be severely lessened. Today, however, the range of photo gifts available means that it is easily possible to combine the personal with the totally professional.

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Creating a one-off card is as simple a process as digital photo printing, with the most difficult part of the process probably being selecting just one of your many favorite photographs. Once you’ve chosen the image which you know the recipient will love, you merely have to upload it to the relevant website and then use the software to turn it into a card. No experience is necessary, as you will simply make a series of choices on matters such as size, shape and layout, and then add the text of any message you want to send. When you are totally happy, your card will be printed to a standard fit to go on sale in a shop, with the difference being that this is one card that’s literally all your own work.