External hemorrhoids are truly painful and people who suffer from them keep on thinking constantly about how long do hemorrhoids last. Actually there is no certain time period regarding continuance of the problem. Many times they are aggravated to the criticality of actually very terrible hurt while many times they are so cool as if they do not exist. However several times with simple cures they can be eliminated. If those cures do not work for them, some particular operative procedures also can be undergone. These surgeries are really simple. But hemorrhoid sufferers are afraid of them. Hemorrhoids people should take into account that by going through the surgery they can eliminate their extreme soreness for a long period.

Yet another curiosity regarding hemorrhoids is hemorrhoids pictures. Because they are backward and mostly all of us don’t have the guts to observe them in the mirror, we keep wondering about what do hemorrhoids look like. Normally a hemorrhoid has appearance like a bunch of minute grapes with either intensely red or purplish shade. Some characters of the look of hemorrhoid are a hemorrhoid can be as small as a grape and as large as a walnut. However usually it is of a size of a pea. An individual may be carrying any number of hemorrhoids from one to numerous.

There are diagnostic tests like digital rectal exam, sigmoidoscopy, proctoscopy and anoscopy which the doctors can implement to observe inside your rectum, anus and the downward section of large intestine to find out if there is some uncommon development e.g. tumor, inflammation, hemorrhoids and so on. It is in general useful to find out the internal hemorrhoids which go generally unrecognized if they don’t peep out from the anal tissue. However to understand that you have external hemorrhoids, it is enough to feel the bump at the anal tissue.

The clinical tests are necessary when the individual is facing pain, itching, mucus release and bleeding, but don’t feel the knob. Patients generally think that they are affected by hemorrhoids if they go through these symptoms and they may be experiencing some other more dangerous disorder. So it can be said that the tests can be done to subtract the chances of hemorrhoids. When other more dangerous possibilities are cleared off, then it can be inferred that the individual is having hemorrhoids. The doctor plans which diagnostic tests to be performed.

If it is discovered that you are affected by hemorrhoid, the physician looks for its position and size and determines a treatment depending upon the extent of the disorder.

Usually, changes in eating habits and bowel habits are suggested as treatment of hemorrhoids. Surgery is not necessary unless patient has a really fat and extremely aching hemorrhoid. For non-dangerous hemorrhoids in general home care procedures are recommended. The purpose of the non-operative therapy is normally to diminish the blood flow to the hemorrhoid due to which they contract or withdraw. Once the hemorrhoid vanishes, a scar is left behind at its place which props up the anal tissue and prohibits future development of hemorrhoids.

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So if you are concerned about how hemorrhoid pictures look like, and how long for hemorrhoids to heal, you must exactly act on your physician’s advice and accept a more natural style of life to get rid of it as fast as you can.