An elevator as is commonly referred to in Canada US and Japan or a lift as is referred to in Commonwealth countries is a type of device that transports people and goods between floors or levels of a vessel, structure or building. Elevators were first invented in 1861 by a man named Elisha Graves Otis of Yonkers, New York. The Elevators Lexington KY can be described as the most important machines of all times. The elevators have changed the way the earth looks and enabled cities to expand vertically and horizontally too. Transitions Lift + Elevator is a company owned by a family and operates the business in Lexington, Kentucky. We are the Elevators Lexington KY services that are famous for exceeding customer expectations by delivering the best value in the industry. We offer incomparable customer service and exceptional quality equipment. This Elevators Lexington KY was incorporated in February of 2009 and has within a short period extended to three locations in order to serve a larger area including Louisville, Western Kentucky, Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and Dayton areas. We work with experts who have a broad knowledge in the elevators industry.

Elevators Lexington KY will be happy to assist you in getting the finest solutions for your public building, home, learning institution, hotel, or church. Once you allow us to install an elevator, we carry out professional installation and offer years of excellent equipment maintenance, service, and inspection. Our work is to give you peace of mind by ensuring that your investment is safe, and offers numerous years of use. We are the Elevators Lexington KY services that boast of being experts in offering a complete planning, installation, service, and maintenance of your equipment without fail. We are renowned for designing and installing Stair Lift Systems, Custom Home Elevators, LULA Commercial Elevators, Vertical Platform Lifts, Inclined Wheelchair Lifts, Dumbwaiters and Material Lifts for virtually any application. Elevators Lexington KY is celebrated for providing the finest quality Elevator and Lift Equipment at affordable rates to the customer. We strive to exceed customer expectations as we offer unmatched customer experience. Our design specialists are famous for custom designing Home Elevator equipment and Residential Lift Systems to fit any décor.

Elevators Lexington KY service has offices and showrooms all over Lexington Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Louisville Kentucky. Transitions Lift + Elevator design, sales, and installation areas include Lexington and Central Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, & Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, and Western Kentucky, Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana and Southern Kentucky. Elevators Lexington KY services also focus on ADA Compliant and Commercial Applications that include including Small Office Buildings, Factories, Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Schools, and Public Areas. We are the Elevator and Lifts company that services each and every Lift or Elevator that we sell. We are famous for offering inspection, service, and maintenance of equipment that we did not install. Talk to us and give us a chance to prove our worth to you. Elevators Lexington KY service promises to deliver more than you have bargained for in terms of quality equipment and maintenance. We have worked with a large number of customers who are pleased with our quality service.

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