By 2015 the world population will trail behind the number of Facebook accounts (7.3 billion). It sounds weird, but has been revealed by OnMedea a Toronto-based media company in a blog administered by Jill Kennedy, an intuitive analyst. By the time, the number of Internet connection will hit only 3 billion. Given the current approach, though in pipeline, where Facebook has mentioned its intention to include pre-teens into its ambit, the figure or fact doesn’t seem deceptive. However, a mix opinion is coming about this. Whether it will amplify their potential or not, it can be a matter of debate, but certainly there is no question about its pervasiveness as almost 90% of all American teens are indulge in some or the other kind of social media, and Facebook shares the 68 percent of the pie.

Underscoring the fact, Facebook and a few third-party customer service operatives have come on the technical support horizon to fix Facebook problems. Whether problems are basic related to creating new account, logging in, password, scammed or phished, disabled, warned or blocked account or with broken feature relating photos, videos, chat, messages, messenger for windows desktop, video calling, games and apps, notifications, events, searching location services, managing profile/wall, news feed, Timeline, or with complicated features, experts can help with all, and that’s too remotely at the comfort of your home or office. Apart from individual or personal pages, you can seek experts’ help for pages, ad campaign to streamline your business.

Facebook having Problems! Crying for external solution is not the only way out. At times, issues are simple and can be addressed without much effort. For instance, forgotten password can be retrieved or reset again through password reset page. All you need is to enter email address, and the password recovery or reset link will be delivered automatically on your email account. In case you have also missed the password of your email, then contact your email provider to ask for a new password for your login email address. However, before that you should cross-check the caps lock button and try with different web browser. If you can’t identify your account using your email address, try searching for it with your name and a friend’s name. In case, you lost access to the email address, or getting error messages showing “email address is invalid or expired” then enter the Facebook account settings to edit the email ID.

Unfortunately, if Facebook login Problems continue and you hit an "Invalid Link" error message, then copy and paste the full link from the email you received into your web browser’s address bar and hit enter. If this did not work, request a new password at Facebook support portal, but wait 24 hours before requesting a new one.

Being an advanced Facebook user, keep your account updated with alternative email address. It will help you to regain the access to the account, in case your email ID has been blocked or compromised. Also, add a security question to your account that can be used by the Facebook team to confirm your credential even if you lost the access. Also, make sure that the email addresses mentioned in the Facebook account are not shared with others.

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Kelly is a senior pc help representative at Techvedic. She has received recognition for delivering effective Facebook having Problems to overseas clients. She is an avid writer as well, exploring Facebook login Problems and Support services so as to ease Facebook fans from technical issues.