Truth bombs are scary. And when it comes to healthcare services, their fear factor goes up a notch. According to an article by Kaiser Family Foundation, 2017 marked the beginning of increase in the number of uninsured non-elderly Americans for three straight years-from 2.2 million from 26.7 million in 2016 to 28.9 million in 2019. The rate of uninsured people in general increased from 10% to 10.9 percent in the 2016-2019 period. A large section of this population relies on some form of discounted medical aid for their healthcare purposes. But reliable and Cheap Health Insurance for Miami residents are limited in number and therefore we have compiled this article to give you a lowdown on how some discount medical plan organization can be utilized for your next mammoth of a hospital bill. Take a look.

What are Discount Plan Organizations?

Discount Plan Organizations are like that friendly neighbour who knows a doctor and gets you a discount in return for an invitation to dinner. Except you cannot have an entire DPO over for dinner every time there is a health scare. The DPOs operate out of a provider network in a small area. The services will be varied and cover all kinds of medical consultations, diagnostic testing, lab services, emergency care, hospitalization, dental, vision and pediatric care. The price of all these services is discounted depending on the service plan of the DPO you have opted for. This service plan should not be confused with medical insurance which is an entirely different product.

Although every DPO has a different offer on the shelf, it is wise to understand each detail of their plan before opting for one. In most cases six members of a family can get a discounted service per policyholder.

How is this discounted medical aid helpful?

How easy would life have been had everyone qualified for health insurance. But sadly that’s not the case. The statistics for underinsured and uninsured Americans are baffling in the context of soaring medical prices. But we cannot strive to have affordable medical care for everyone if health insurance is not available for everybody. This is where the services of a discounted medical organization come in handy. A large provider network covering all diagnosis under the sun, duly verified and catered to people’s preferences. Even insured people are sometimes handed the heavy deal- a discount plan like this can reduce your out of pocket expenses drastically.

Some of the services included in a discount medical plan are- Primary Care Centers, Adolescent Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Cardiologist, Chiropractor, Gynecology, Family Medicine, Infectious Disease, Internist, Nephrology, OBGYN, Optometry, Orthopedist, Physical Therapy, Podiatrist, Pulmonologist, Radiology, Urologist, Weight loss, Psychiatrist, Urgent Care, Dental, Vision, Laboratory and Pharmacy.
Unlike insurance which takes a while, discounted medical plans become effective immediately after payment. Not only this there is a wide network of providers available at your disposal for quickly meeting your needs and in cases where required second opinions.

Discount medical cards have been gaining popularity for quite some time as the best alternatives to a premium health insurance or as a supplement to an existing insurance. Usually with a growing number of consumer driven health insurance products, discounted medical care is an option when there is no coverage for the treatment you are seeking. However, one must constantly be aware of the fact that with these discounted medical cards you are not buying insurance and these products do not imply a better service than an equally reliable and Cheap Health Insurance for Miami residents. Therefore when it comes to choosing such services one must proceed with a clarity of requirements and a bit of caution.

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