The powerful leverage a person can access through partnering with a coach
"A decision is not enough"
A new year begins and for some it has already ended.
You have given yourself new tasks to do, take on new challenges and decided that this year things will be different and you are committed to make that change. By the 3rd day these just become good ideas. Somehow the steam runs out or the vision is lost. It was a temporary fantasy that has now become an impossible dream.
Only a small minority of individuals that set their goals actually end up achieving them. What about the rest of us? Why do we give up on ourselves so soon?
Why do we end our commitments before we have given them a chance to be integrated and lived?
Why don’t we trust that results are imminent?
Making a decision to complete a task or achieve a goal is only the beginning.
You need to identify the correct process to achieve the goal and then take action on that process.

Where the majority of people get stuck:
• Lack of clarity in defining the correct process to reach their goal
• Inaction due to not having a process
• Taking action on the wrong process and not achieving their desired result
• Allowing doubts and fears determine their results

We know we should be doing things and taking certain practical steps and yet we don’t do it. We always know what we should be doing and yet find ourselves questioning our own intentions and distracting ourselves from what will generate true results.
Is the task that we have set for ourselves really important to us or are we just avoiding the opportunity to really achieve our most fulfilling desires?
This is when we need to start to look. At exactly this point is when we begin our exit strategies. We allow our old habits to sabotage us. We don’t take the time to look deeper into our most important desires. We analyse the idea until all the pitfalls have been identified and then it becomes too much work and we give up.
When we are left to our own devices we find that our old patterns hold us as prisoners. We didn’t choose these patterns in the first place yet we are enslaved by them.
Accepting responsibility and accountability for our conditions and our results is empowering.
To activate a new habit, you should implement a desired outcome for 39 days. Time is needed to dissolve an existing habit and some more time spent focused on the new desire is required to activate the new habit.
It takes an incorruptible discipline and resilient commitment to actually get you there.
The moment you give in to the old habit you have lost and you will have to start over again.
And trust me; you won’t fall short of interferences. You will be challenged both by others as well as by inner conflicts with yourself and your old patterns. What will determine the result is your discipline and your commitment to change.
For adequate leverage that will assist us in breaking through our barriers, achieve more clarity and enhance our probability of results, the aid of a coach is not only recommended but is essential.

The leverage that is possible from having a coach:

• Choosing the goals that will achieve the greatest value in your life
• Achieving clarity on decision making
• Saving time on analysis paralysis
• Faster more efficient results
• Identifying the correct process to achieve a result
• Keeping you on track with your goal
• Avoiding unnecessary distractions
• Getting into action
• Consistency of effort
• Increasing your level of accountability

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? Matheo Galatis is a Chartered Accountant practicing as a performance coach, trainer and speaker. He offers a programme that assists individuals and entrepreneurs master their ability to manage their finances using practical techniques to step outside the effects of turbulent market conditions and create stability in their personal and business lives.
He also offers one-on-one financial, business and leadership coaching as well as customised training and development workshops.
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