There are many New Age groups that have begun to form negative vibrations around New Age concepts- much ego is involved behind the scenes and many are manipulating the thoughtforms to bring the vibration of the positives down. Please remember to feel the vibration beyond the words. If you feel pure Love and it resonates, enjoy it. If not, you are advised to follow your vibration. It is not about the images, the symbols, the words, the mind is about love energy. If you encounter these types and situations, immediately correct it with positive loving thought, feeling, listening to soft peaceful music, go into meditation, connect with your higher self and Source of Perfect Love and Oneness.

Groups that use words like "GREATER" and "BETTER" vibrate with ego. Others like to talk of catastrophes vibrating fear. Please just be careful.

The negatives are trying to hold onto their world. They have begun infiltration into groups trying to turn Lightworkers to their vibrations and stop the Ascension. Don't let them, keep them at distance, pray for their forgiveness and eventual awakening, and send them your love.

When you see a hierarchy forming, that one person is always right and never yielding to listen watch out.

There is a difference between love and a cult.

If you feel separation, much Will without Love, you will know it.

Here are some examples of the negative path:

Distorting oneness (separation/ego), distorting love (fear), distorting compassion (hate); service to self (others are tools for the self to manipulate and control vs positive: service to others, all are equal and loved equally); hierarchy, ones above fighting for control, ones below fighting for the spot above; absorbing of love (vs. positive radiating love), put downs instead of compliments;
fear based thinking- massive gloom and doom (versus massive faith in peace and happiness); creation of heavy dense energies (negative blame, guilt, depression, constricting versus positive: responsibility, satisfaction, uplifting, happiness, expansion, fine lighter vibrations); Negative: don't believe in Karma, Law of the Circle, and willfully try to avoid it until life crashes all together on them at once...

The test: Negatives are Supreme Will over Love. No Love. Lots of Will. By their works you shall know them. See through the charades, see the energy for what it is. Use your intuition, follow your heart always.

Here is more: The negatives on Earth are unawakened and puppets of greater negatives from the lower astral planes. They are vampires looking to suck your energy. Example: Albert Fish the serial killer was puppetted by a demon of blood, Hitler and Roland Friesler were puppetted by demons of anger and hate, others in addicitons are puppetted by negative beings of gluttony and there are many more types. Their only goal absorb assimilate constrict you and keep you make you their host. Some of the greater negatives are very subtle. They are experts at manipulation. They can read your thoughts and emotions and are attracted by negative fear, lots of ego, addiction, greed. It is their food, their energy they wish to feed off of. The astral negatives can shapeshift and impersonate positive teachers based upon reading the thoughts and history stored in the astral plane/earthbound relam that surrounds earth.. Here is how you discern them...ask if they come in God's Love. Most will try to avoid the question. They do not have love in their fields, they have powerful energy bodies based upon the first 3 chakras with the heart chakra skipped and more will to reach the throat and third eye chakras. But because they are missing the heart, they do not light up all chakras, nor achieve balance nor activate the violet crown chakra to ascend. So look for the heart behind their words....if they have no heart...they are negatives. Many positives are stuck with negative parasites they absorbed until they fully awaken. The way to remove the negatives is to focus on love and send them all your love. They will be repelled and look for fear somewhere else. The worst thing you can do is to be fearful...that is what attracts shift your focus to God and Archangel Michael with you...holding your hand...holding your shoulder...with you...part of you always. Nothing to fear, only pure Unconditional Love and Perfect Protection is with you always. In all my experiences clearing negatives and purifying people, I have never met a negative that could defeat Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael. They can't they don't have any love. They have no power. I have watched many times in my minds eye, the warrior angels binding the greater forces of negativity and sending them where they their vibrations. They don't get past the lower/shadowy parts of the void in the after life. Their vibrations are incompatible with the heavenly realms. They have no Love. Love is the key to ascension. Love Love Love.

The negatives will fight to the bitter end to hold onto their version of Earth- hierarchy, control, all others powerless, fear, destruction, uncontrollable anger etc etc. The positives are going to ascend to their version of Earth- the environment of unconditional Love. The two are not compatible and will be separated upon the ascension of the positives.

Now here is the interesting fact. While in 3D we are subject to the negatives exposure. So guard your thoughts, feelings, movies you watch, tv you watch, music you hear, words you read...ensure it is of the highest vibration. Discernment. Keep the distance from the negative to keep your purity. Don't let them stop your ascension. You are responsible for your ascension.

Now at the Higher Self level all is Light and Love. All positives, all negatives...are one. The difference between the two (while on Earth and in the astral realms) is that the negatives have chosen to block the opening of the heart, they willfully block the love to reach their destination. We are here in 3D to make choices for our polarity. 3D is naturally full of duality and will always be. The unity/oneness vibration of 6D sees all perfectly as Light. Both positives and negatives are expressions. They Are. They exist while we are in 3D to allow us to make choices for our polarity. They are part of the Game. The very polarized negatives can make it to 4D but no further because 5D is unconditional love with group consciousness and 6D is complete unity/oneness and sees everything only as one. Negatives block love and oneness so they willfully keep them selves constricted in 3D and 4D (Earth (3D) or 4D: earthbound realms-ghosts-hell vibration regions-lower astral planes)

So think of the negative person you find as one of God's children sleeping soundly. They are just not aware or awake. They are on auto-pilot. Send them your love. Keep your purity. Pray for their awakening and forgiveness. You can't change their will. But maybe one day they will open the heart and realize the Game. We are here to choose our polarity, to set the path, to give all beings the boundary and freedom to make their own choices. Positives respect Free Will and provide constant Love to all. Don't force your will on another, or you will be stepping into a negative path. Let the Love flow like water, be action in your choice and one day we will all return to Source without need to experience duality but rather being in perfect Oneness.

I repeat, please wish all beings including negatives your best Love..those that are distorted pray for their forgiveness and send your forgiveness. But they must make their own choice on where they want to go. You can only guide them within the bounds of their free will.

Take what you wish from this and feel free to let that which doesn't resonate with you pass you by. It's all your choice what you wish to be.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Comish (OnenessAndLove) is a Reiki Master / Teacher, White Magician, Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Qan Melchizedek from Shamballa and the Stars of Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus. He is a member of the Seventh Ray ashram of Saint Germain. His teachers are St Germain, Sanat Kumara, the Lord of Sirius, Lord Melchizedek and Archangel Metatron. He is the author of twelve books available at : The Living Light, Manifest Divinity Through Reiki, 24 Free Reiki Attunements, 45 Free Reiki Attunements, Alpha Omega Healing Session, Eternal Spirit and the six books of the Ascension Rays Book Series. Chris is also the founder of the City of Shamballa social network at and his videos can be watched at his You Tube channel Qan Dek is his spiritual name which Qan is derived from Quan (Yin) which means compassionate one, and Dek is short for Melchizedek, the guiding spiritual order of the ages.