Are you looking for a perfect way to learn keyboard?
Are you confused on choosing the right keyboard learning method that fits your needs?
Read below. This article is for you.
Generally, there are two means of learning keyboard - online learning or attending keyboard classes nearby your locality.
As internet dominates the world, few people may opt the former learning technique. Though there is nothing wrong in choosing online keyboard learning - it has many drawbacks which may topple your interest of learning the instrument.
Well, let me brief the disadvantages of attending online keyboard learning classes.
1. Zero practical experience.
2. Chances of stage opportunities is nullified
3. You will miss the classes when there is no proper internet connection – so unreliable
4. Rigid tutoring timings.
5. Leaves space only for virtual imagination
Online keyboard classes works this way – trainer and student will login into the learning platform within particular time, classes will happen for prescribed duration and both will leave the place.
Will that satisfy your dream of learning keyboard to the core? Certainly not
I would strongly recommend you to attend keyboard classes nearby your locality which gives,
 Practical experience. To put it simple, learners will get the feel of piano keys while in the class rather than just listening online.
 Adds value to keyboard learning. As you are spending your precious time, keyboard classes must be worth of it.
 Teaches you in niche.
 Fun-filled and teaches the instrument in creative way.
 Instead of going in systematic approach, tutors in keyboard classes teaches to explore more.
So now, how to choose the good piano classes that assists you to achieve your learning goal?
Here are the tips,
1. The keyboard tutoring academy must be flexible with timings. You may be attending the keyboard classes after office hours or during weekends. Thus check the timings of the academy.
2. Secondly the piano classes must be a perfect fit for all ages. You may seek keyboard practice either for yourself or for your children. And so checking the age criteria is mandatory before joining the classes.
3. Have one to one session with the instructor before paying money for keyboard learning. This meeting will make you realize whether or not the niche is best for you. On this one to one session, you can ask several questions to the instructors which includes,
o May I know your work experience?
o How many students are learning in this music academy?
o What is the tutor, student ratio? (Via this question, you can get to know whether or not the keyboard teaching centre gives private attention to individuals) if the ratio is maximum 1:5 then you can very well opt the keyboard training program.
o Will there be any on-stage opportunities by learning in this institute?
o Will the keyboard learning environment be highly energetic and motivating? (You can have a visit to that tutoring atmosphere directly and analyze whether it is competitive, warm and welcomes music lovers.)
4. Furthermore, you can also ask whether the tutoring centre encourages for certification exams to broaden your keyboard performance scope. And is there any grade levels of keyboard learning?
For many people, learning keyboard is not just to relax or to learn a new instrument. It is their passion. And so be careful while selecting the keyboard classes as it is going to add fuel to your keyboard playing passion.

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