Direct Hair Implantation, the most important advantage of this technique is the more frequent and more natural hair transfer that fills the gap of hair without harming your existing hair as you recovered than classical techniques. Your daily life returns faster hair transplantation begins with computer-assisted hair analysis with this analysis the structure and quality of your hair, the rate of hair loss, the density of your hair in your donor area, and the number of grafts available for transfer are calculated. From time to time some patients due to reasons like insufficient efficiency or not wanting to damage the image demand this method. It is a procedure of directly taking the hair and planting it. Surgeons usually do this on-demand so they have the experience, it is a procedure of taking hair by using the FUE technique and after that using a different device without opening any canals and planting the hair on the area. They can plant almost 3000 grafts every session as the other hair transplant. The process can take up to 7-8 hours. The results are successful as it is done diligently in the Direct Hair Implantation technique.
When your hair is of a certain length first of the design of your front hairline is made and then hair transfer begins your donor area is dumb by local anesthesia then your hair grafts are removed one by one without harming them by the micromotor method. In this technique, the hair grafts are kept in single, double, and triple groups in a special solution to prolong the life and preserve the quality. After hair graft collection is complete local anesthesia is applying to the area where grafts are to be transferred. Following it, the grafts should place one by one into the implant according to their thickness. Hair transplantation begins with your frontal hairline which is specifically for you, the grafts are to be placed on the implant plants are transferred appropriately to the natural outline direction and angle of your follicles. Thus, your hair transfer is completed, and as it will be compatible with your natural hair. Direct Hair Implantation does not open the channel the risk of crusting is much lower and the healing process is much faster than classical techniques, in this technique the risk of scarring after surgery is very low. During the next 5-6 days after hair transplantation, the process of crusting and shedding of these crusts occurs within 15-21 days temporary shock hair loss process starts and stops begins. After the 3rd month, you can see the hair follicles are started to grow, at the 6th month you can see that the transferred hair of follicles grows up to 60-70 percent. In the 12th month your hair has taken its final shape you can see your hair grow up to 99%. You can enjoy your lush hair due to Direct Hair Implantation.
Implantation means focus on the perfect results as compared to FUE is only a method of extraction. 100% of procedure starts to finish is performed by Direct Hair Implantation master surgeon. FUE procedure is performed by more than 50% by technicians. In the implantation method extraction of follicles is done using sharp titanium-coated single-use punches (up to 1mm diameter). In FUE motorized extractors are used for extraction. In FUE channels are 1.5 times bigger than the grafts as compared to Direct Hair Implantation channel grafts still the same thickness in this way FUE is more traumatic as compared to the other technique. The grafts survival rate is 90% plus and complete transparency of follicle count as compared to FUE. In FUE graft survival rate is an average of 50% and no graft count possible, poor survival rate. Angle, direction, and depth are totally controlled, thus providing a high graft survival rate and 100% natural and safe results. In FUE there is very little control on angle, depth, and direction due to larger slits and unskilled technicians. Every single follicle is inserted in 1 single step with Direct Hair Implantation patented implanter, perfect control over angle, depth, and direction. In FUE slits or holes are created in the recipient area prior to the implantation. The doctor’s role is generally limited to this only, hair follicles are placed in the slits by a nurse or technician using forceps. In other method uses high precision methods to ensure scars free natural results. In FUE use of motorized extractors and large slits in the recipient area cause scars and unnatural results. If you want to know more detail,

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