Direct Hair Implantation is basically a contemporary hair transplant technique in which the implementation of hair follicles exists. In medical hair treatment, there are three techniques used other than medicines, Direct Hair Implantation, Follicular Unit Extraction, and Follicular Unit Striped surgery. From all of these, the best technique is DHI, while others have some disadvantages. In follicular unit extraction and the follicular unit, striped surgery scars may evolve.
In this strategy, the elicited hair follicles grow in 1-4 hair groups and are usually referred to as grafts. Only a specialist can perform this task. In this technique, hair follicles are eradicated from the donor area. The donor's hair is removed individually with a micro punch in this process. It mostly takes place in the middle back of the head. As compared to the back head, the area of the front, crown, or middle head is not severely affected by the hair loss. The extractor used in this procedure for removing follicles has 1mm or fewer diameters. The hair extracted from the head is then stored in a nutrient solution before implantation. Then a mini needle, known as "Choi pin" is used to implant the individual hair follicles in the scalp. As a consequence of this, cuts can be dispensed by using the implanter. Instead of this, older techniques may leave scars. The hair is then placed directly on the recovery area. Single-use implanter used in this technique gives a surgeon full control over depth, direction confirmation, angle, and natural results. The hair growth after direct hair implantation has the same texture and features as facial hair. This procedure gives you natural results. In this, surgeons use single-use patented instruments that give perfect angle, depth, and direction. After the hair implantation, a patient must not wash his or her hair for at least three to four days. Use smooth, moisturized, unscented shampoos for at least 1 to 2 months once you start washing your hair. The patient must not comb or brush new hair for at least four weeks. The benefits of Direct Hair Implantation are:
100% natural outcome
No reception incisions
There are no stitches after this treatment
No scars are found
It is not a pain full process.
Hair follicles survival rate is more than 90%
Short recovery slot
Less requirement of donor's hair
DHI enables transplantation without having to shave the scalp.
It also enables hair transplantation between those hairs which are not actually bald.
The hair gets denser and thick by this process.
When professionals perform the surgery, the results look very natural.
Hairs are placed deep enough into the skin of the scalp and grow in the right direction.
The implanter used in this procedure used to make a receiving hole just before the hair is implanted, instead of making the whole first and then placing the hair so this technique is more useful.
Baldness doesn't come down to genetics; people may lose their hair because of stress, depression, and other hormonal issues. Poor circulation of the scalp, wearing hats on the head, or dandruff does not cause hair loss.
Baldness is treated according to age, overall health, or past health, how you handle medications and therapies, how much immunity does the patient has, how long the conditions may last. Baldness may lower confidence and. If a person is facing pattern baldness or sudden hair loss, he or she should go for it. As your look will be improved and because of this factor self-confidence is enhanced. Self-esteem.
The cost of Direct Hair Implantation varies from 2900$ to 11990$. It's most expensive as the only expert surgeon performs this task. The actual price depends upon the hair loss and demands of the patient. The high gentry is more conscious about this type of treatment; they can afford it too. Hair treatment affects your look and personality. You will have more confidence when you are comfortable with your hair treatment, dressing, and other requirements. For the hair transplant, a patient must have some hair. The reason behind this doctor has to harvest some existing hair and then implant it in the region where you have no hair or growth has vanished. The donor area is important so it must be thicker. It is necessary to have your own hair than from another person. The patient should be protective about treating your hair loss. If you ignore the problem of hair fall, it will get worse. Hair transplant techniques are not a quick treatment with one night outcomes. It takes a long time to fulfill the hair loss. If you are searching for the DHI in Lahore, then you may click and see before & after results

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