The bathroom scales available in the market in the current times fall in two categories; Digital and Analog. In earlier times, we only had analogue bathroom scales to measure weight, but with advancement in technology, digital bathroom scales have also flooded the market. Thus, when you want to purchase a bathroom scale, you are confused about whether you should stick with a conventional analogue bathroom scale or pick up a modern digital version. Analog scale contains a series of springs which cause the dial to rotate when they are subjected to pressure by a person standing on the platform. Digital scale, on the other hand, use digital sensors to measure the pressure applied to it and calculates the weight.

There are arguments in favour of both types of scales. Conversely, there are also many disadvantages associated with both kinds of scales. A comparison between the two can be made on various points.


Digital bathroom scales are more accurate as compared to analogue scales. Digital scales give the exact weight right up to the decimal points. This is not possible in case of analogue scales. Digital scales give exact figures which also makes them easy to read as compared to analogue scales in which you need to trace the pointer between the numbers.


Calibrating a digital bathroom scale is complicated and confusing. Analog scale, on the other hand, is easy to calibrate. A knob is usually present on an analogue scale for calibration.


A digital scale requires a battery to operate. If the battery of the digital scale is exhausted, it will not work as long as a new battery is inserted in it. This becomes a problem if you want to check your weight urgently. In case of an analogue scale, no battery is required because it is a mechanical device. Thus, you can check your weight whenever you want without worrying about the battery.


Digital scales have bright display screens with a backlighting feature. Thus, it is very easy to read the figures. In the case of analogue scales, there is no backlighting. Thus, understanding the numbers becomes difficult in rooms with little or no lighting.

Additional features

Analogue scales can measure weight. Digital scales, on the other hand, can store previous weights in their memories. Many models can store even 10 previous weight readings. The digital scales can also transfer data to fitness apps in smartphones and tablets. High tech digital scales which give additional readings such as BMR, heart rate, fat percentage, etc. are also available in the market.


Digital scales cost more than analogue scales. This is because digital scales are electronic devices and come with more features as compared to simple analogue scales.

Which is better?

Digital bathroom scales are better for people looking for high accuracy, excellent display and extra features. For people looking for cheaper, fairly accurate and long-lasting scales, analogue is the better option. In the end, it boils down to your personal preference.

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