In many ways, digital commerce has several parallels with brick-and-mortar commerce. A website serves as a “building” for a business, person, service, or idea. Much like someone would hire an interior designer, electrician, or advertising agency, someone may choose to employ the services of a web designer, web developer, or online marketing agency.

Due to the nature of the Internet, all of the different needs of a website can actually be serviced by only one agency with competent staff, as opposed to the dozens of professional organizations a real-life business requires to be in contact with.

Why would someone choose to work with bing digital or any of the big names in online marketing? Well, there are only a few reasons:

Exploit Their Experience In The Industry

Any reputable agency will have tens, if not hundreds of previous clients, they’ve worked for and achieved results for. With a marketplace as dynamic as the Internet, this pays off immensely in the sheer breadth of knowledge that online marketing agencies have. They worked with clients very similar to you in the past, as well as clients that have approached your desired market in wildly different ways. This allows them to have a wide knowledge of what works and what doesn’t with regards to keeping your website not only afloat, but thriving.

As opposed to trying for yourself what works and what doesn’t, you’re able to skip the trial and error process and to go directly into using proven tactics that work for converting visitors into customers, so you can start making serious money. Think of them as accelerators for your online business. They already have the infrastructure and know-how to grow online businesses, and you’re simply renting their resources for a period of time to accelerate your own business.

Let Them Do The Heavy Lifting

Back to the comparisons between a real storefront and a webpage, a digital marketing agency has access to online “plumbers” and “electricians” that help keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. While we’ve come a long way in building websites that it is no longer entirely necessary to know how to code things yourself, having a website that serves your customers in a very specific and customized way will eventually need some coding know-how. These online marketing agencies have people who understand how to turn lines of code into functional website changes. This means improving your user experience and your ability to be picked up by search engines, which are just a few things a quality coder can help with.

What it comes down to is: how valuable is your time to you? Do you have the time to spend weeks learning web design and how to code just to implement small changes properly into your website? Even if you do manage to learn a few basic things, there’s a good chance you might be missing out on an even simpler way to do it due to your relative inexperience in those disciplines. Paying someone who is already well-versed in coding, graphic design, or anything you need to have a worthwhile website, allows you to free up mental energy to plan your next moves regarding the growth and maintenance of your site.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

The services offered by these agencies are here to serve you. There is a lot to be learned from working with them. They will share what they’ve learned after being in the industry and they will be directly tied to your success. The more successful they help you become, the more money you’ll have to spend on their services should you require additional help.

Having a team of people behind you helps catapult you to success at a much faster rate. Two brains are better than one, after all.

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