Life has many variables to consider and most of them require our regular attention. A cell phone is an amazing tool to manage the constant flow of life. But is it worth our continuous attention? According to a recent study, 54% of kids think their parents spend too much time on their devices and 34% believe they are less of a priority when parents are plugged in.

Setting Realistic Limits

Whether you have young kids or teenagers, the need for a cell phone grows each day. They are miraculous tools for communication and can keep you in touch with your kid at all times. However, it is important to show responsible ways to use your phone. Whether you restrict access at certain times or limit their data usage - setting limits are great first steps for your kids and their cell phone. Nevertheless, these limits can only be achieved if you practice them along side your teen - setting the example.

Your Teens Are Watching

Multitasking may feel like the only way to balance daily tasks. Answering texts, responding to emails, and checking social media sites can be time consuming on their own but combined with other life duties leaves no surprise when distractions happens. Imagine you're getting food with your kids and as soon as you sit down, you reach for your phone to answer a work email or scroll through social media. It isn't too hard to visualize because it happens consistently with all types of people.

Designate Technology Free Time With Your Family

This isn't to say that banning all cell phone use from yourself and your kids is necessary. However, it is important to designate technology free time with your kids so all of you can communicate and connect without the bombardment of virtual notifications. This is important because kids model after their parent's actions. If you wish to instill certain character aspects in your children the best way is by doing the actions yourself.

It will be challenging to relearn how to unplug from the virtual world. Keep in mind you don't have to completely shut off, but be mindful of your cell phone use around your family. Try to check emails before your kids are awake, while they are at school, or when they have gone to bed. These are practical ways to decrease distraction.

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