Digging Your Ditches
Jennifer Stull
How do you dig your ditches when you have no idea what is around the corner and it appears that it is the worst thing that could possibly happen?

Well, I just went through such a situation. I am so grateful for all of the tools that have been shown to me through my own personal development in the last 15 years. Now was the time to really step it up and work those spiritual muscles like I was running a marathon. My faith kept me going. God, or the universe does not have reverse. It is always moving forward. “Chaos before order is how the universe works”. I heard those words from John Assaraf and I embrace them as the truth.
Here is what happened.

I had to move out from the Condo that I was living in. I had started looking for places as funds were to be available to me. One week before I was to move, I found out that the funds were not coming and that they may never come. I had a few friends that stepped up for me in order for me to get a room at the No Tell Motel. At the same time I was taking a class at the Center For Spiritual Living called Spiritual Practices. My prayer Pod was invaluable. I thought “What Happened” am I going to be on the street? Where is God? How could this happen after all of the inside work I have done? One of my friends told me to trust the process. I hung onto those words and kept the faith. Each time I would find a home that would accommodate me and my business the funds wouldn’t come. I knew that this was all about me. I needed to believe that I deserved to receive. This has been an issue for me since the death of my husband back in 1991.

I kept myself focused on what it was that I did want. In the morning I would think “Ok, what can I do today to bring me closer to my goal. I listened to inspirational cd’s, went down to the beach and meditated. I sought out people that really knew my true intentions and that I trusted with my life. I listened to the spiritual teachers that do not know me, but that I consider my friends. I also sought guidance from the Center For Spiritual Living .
After seven weeks of looking at properties (digging my ditches) I found the perfect place on Tuesday and got the keys on Saturday. Signed, sealed and delivered.

The whole point is to believe in what you desire with pure intentions no matter what the situation appears to be. To believe that God is working behind the scenes in your behalf. That your desires are given to you at birth, and if you allow them there is nothing that can stop them.

Go within and find out what your true desires are and start digging your ditches…

Author's Bio: 

About Jennifer

Jennifer’s experience in business spans 40 years. At the age of 16 she started working in her father’s business – Porter Seal Company.

Porter Seal Company was an o-ring distribution company that her father founded in 1949. It was incorporated in 1953 with branches in Hayward, Orange County, Seattle, Grand Prairie and Denver. In the 1970’s they started the manufacturing division making large o-rings and custom molded rubber products for various industries such as offshore drilling.

Jennifer was given the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up. Starting out in the shipping and receiving department, she worked her way into the position of Corporate Secretary and Controller. It was thru this experience that Jennifer gained her knowledge and work ethic.

In 1990, Jennifer and her Husband Mike, who had also learned the business from the ground up spun off another company – Hypertech Molding. This company specialized in liquid injection molding with Playtex as one of its customers. After the untimely death of Mike the company was sold.

Soul Expression Tools became an idea in 1997. Through the healing of the loss of her husband she did extensive searching and personal growth work. In the loft of the condominium she was renting at the time it was as if the sky opened up. She just started creating products that would help her in her growth. She also started creating Business products that would help her in organizing her day and her contacts.