Dig It UP
Where did the car you drive originate? Most would reply, that their car was built in Detroit, Japan or Germany. That in a sense is true. Workers in an auto assembly plant assembled the car piece by piece. But where did it originate before that? A prototype was developed and tested. Designs were created detailing feature on the car from the anti-lock braking system to the cup-holders. But where did the car originate before that? The visible and tangible car you drive began in the invisible and intangible. It began in the thoughts and souls of a person…perhaps even in the soul of a toddler.
Let’s look at the lives of two toddlers: Johnny and Bobby. One day, Johnny is playing on the floor with some Lego blocks. Instead of just placing them together in a random order, this day Johnny pauses. Suddenly, something sparks in his imagination. He begins to create. He first saw it in his mind and his hands work feverishly in attempt to bring the idea into reality. The result of his labor is a crude car constructed from Lego blocks.
Johnny was amazed at what he had accomplished. He laughs and claps his hands. He is so impressed with his work that he seeks out his parents to show them. And, he finds that they were just as excited as he was about his work.
What occurred was more than Johnny just building a car from blocks. It was the releasing of something miraculous. Two of the most powerful forces in the universe were unleashed: talent and desire. Johnny felt something on the inside of him. It was something that made him feel happy and alive. He found something that he wanted to do. And the more he did it, the more he wanted to do it. So, from kindergarten to college Johnny worked at bringing that desire into being. With the encouragement of parents and peers, Johnny pushed forward. Johnny realized that there was a car inside of him that need to become a reality.
The visible world always originates in the invisible. Everything we see began there. Everything we behold, every gadget we use all began in the human soul. And, through desire and discipline those dreams became realities. This is how the world was originally created. The visible creation was brought into existence by the invisible God. God dreamed it, saw it, spoke it and it was. And, God breathed that same creative force into mankind.
Johnny went on to win prestigious awards. He designed some of the finest automobiles in the world. But, if the truth be told, there are other cars just as great as or greater than Johnny’s. There are cars that are engineering marvels. Car that are revolutionary in fuel economy and passenger safety. Sleek, luxurious, and beautiful to behold. They only problem is: they don’t exist in our visible and tangible world. No one is able to drive them or even see them. The reason is these cars were never built. They are stuck in the invisible world of another child named Bobby.
Bobby’s initial experience was very similar to Johnny’s. However, the reaction Bobby received from his father was a bit different. Instead of being praised for his creative genius, he was scolded for making a mess with his toys. The Lego car was dismantled piece by piece. The pieces that were the parts of an amazing creation were coldly tossed into a container. Bobby cried and was sent off to bed.
Later Bobby expressed a desire to draw and design. Bobby’s father response was squelching. He told Bobby that such a pursuit was a waste of time and that Bobby should learn a trade like him, Then Bobby, could get a good job at the factor with him. Bobby was not encouraged to peruse his dream or even achieve academically. Status quo was ok. Bobby’s father reasoned that his son would be working at the factory anyway, why study to be something he will never be? Bobby’s father was right. Bobby ended up working in the same factory as his father. The same factor where Johnny’s dream car came rolling down the assembly line. Yet, inside Bobby, there is still a great car waiting to come out? Will it ever see the light of day?
We can say that Johnny had it better and we would be right. But, someone who realizes their dreams could either come from the home of Johnny or Bobby. If Bobby were to realize his dream, he would have had to make a change somewhere. He would have to learn that the power to give his dream life comes from the inside. What lies deep inside of us is where real life is. It is up to each of us to listen to it, look for it, dig it up and put it into practice.
The reality of life we see and live on the outside is one that emerges from the inside, from our hearts, minds and souls. It is our internal life that creates our external one. So, to find our lives we must find what lies below the surface of our skin. We must look at, listen to, discover and be mindful of our internal life—of such things as our talents, feelings, desires and dreams.
Buried Treasure—
Everyone of us have had experiences that make our internal life seem unavailable to us. These experiences come from our interaction with family, friends, teachers, and even church as well as any number of influences. We can find ourselves living out of touch with the very center of life itself. It is possible just to float through life being completely unaware of who you are and what you want. The issues of life can cause us to bury our hearts and souls. To enjoy the benefits of life, to realize the full intent of its design you must dig them up. You must dig them up and reinvest back into life to make the invisible visible.
This means you must face your fears and obstacles. Find out what was it that caused you to bury your treasure. Was it a father like Bobby’s? Were the reasons economic? Did bad relationships cause you to bury your treasure? You will find that there is no shortage of things in life that can influence you to bury your heart and soul.
Those who succeed in life cannot ignore their hearts, minds, and souls. “Above all else guard your heart, for it is the well spring of life (Proverbs 4.23) Success and failure both come from what is going on inside of a person.
Not Everything Buried is Treasure—
There are some things that are buried in us that must be dealt with. Here are two things you can do with negative things buried in your life.
1. Get rid of the pain or sickness you are carrying around. These are negative influences and they can affect you. If you walk around with unresolved issues of the heart, your goals will be negatively affected.
2. Face the sickness--Each time your face one of these sicknesses something bigger and better will emerge.
We will need to make a decision about the things we dig up. If it is negative toss it. If it is good, sow it. Sowing is a risk. But, it is suitable risk. Sometimes it may feel painful and awkward, but we must focus on what the end result will be. There is very little growth and reward in life without taking risks. In Jesus parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-29), the one who buried his talent did so to avoid the risk of loss, failure, and disapproval. The very thing he sought to avoid is what he received.
“The Wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception” Proverbs 14.18
Do you want to grow? Do you want to realize your dreams? Growth is when you take new things that you dig up and discover, and integrate them with the rest of who you already are.
“He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.” Proverbs 28.19
9 Things you can do to digging up your dreams—
1. Listen to what bugs you. It might be a message.
2. Don’t let negative feelings just sit there. Do something about them
3. Don’t let long term wishes and dreams be ignored. Find out what they mean.
4. Listen to your symptoms. They may be telling you there is something to dig up.
5. Pay attention to your fantasies. They may be telling you that something is missing and it needs to be resolved in proper way.
6. Face the fears and obstacles that have cause you to bury your treasure.
7. Don’t mistake envy for desire. You may want someone else’s life because you have lost touch with your own.
8. Do everything in the context of your values and your community of people who are committed to guarding your heart.
9. Ask God to help you find your heart, mind, soul and the treasure he placed there for you.
Grasp your dreams. Reach for them. Take appropriate risks. It is a sin to die with unused potential. Die with failure before you die with unused potential. Potential is something to be realized, not guarded and protected. Dig up your talents, your dreams and desires. Invest them. And, you will find that it is true—Life comes from the inside out.

Author's Bio: 

Daniel Toops has been in pastoral ministry for twenty five years. He uniquely blends self help and scriptural teaching to provide a holistic spiritual approach to personal development.