Do you ever have days where it seems that despite your best efforts you constantly run into a brick wall with relationships, situations or your creative cycle gets thrown out of whack? Frustration is an emotion that triggers stress that can lead to anger that is self inflicted or allowed by others. Taking steps to diffuse frustration will enable you to achieve you desired outcome.
I am a positive person most of the time. In fact my family marvels at my ability to do so despite having been in some very difficult situations. I have always chosen to look at life with gratitude and optimism, looking for the happy highlights in life. But sometimes the intensity of everyday life can leave even me feeling somewhat mentally fatigued and exasperated. My frustration usually comes when I am learning to master a new challenge. To access the key or find the solution I have learned a few proven strategies that have been quit helpful in alleviating frustrated discomfort.
The Cause of Frustration-You can’t solve the problem until you are able to identify what the problem is. Once I take a step back and detach from the situation I can usually approach it from an open-minded and objective point of view.
A Sounding Board -One tactic that I find helpful in diffusing frustration is to being able to vent to someone. For me prayer is my line of constant communication. It enables me to vent without having to be rational and then enables me to take a step back and allow me to release my creative energy. It’s also great because I may not always be able to connect with someone immediately but still provides me with an outlet. By the time I am able to talk to someone it makes it seem as if I have the situation all figured out.
Finding Options to Regain Control- One of the greatest resources that we forget we have in minimizing our frustration is the element of choice. Even in the most trying situations finding out what options you have can make all the difference when trying to reach a solution. If at all possible I will always use my options to regain control of the situation. Sometimes it’s those few simple changes that can increase overall wellness and provide mental, spiritual and physical rejuvenation.
Moving and living in the mindset of wellness is a constant process. It requires tenacity and dedication to achieve a consistent flow of positive life energy. Although frustration to some degree is inevitable you do not have to be overwhelmed by it, allow yourself the option to work through it and release it.
Here are a few additional tips you can use to help with your frustration and enhance your emotional wellness remember every aspect of wellness starts from the inside out.
Take slow deep breathes in through your noise and breath out through your mouth
Sit in a quiet place and quiet your mind
Look for the good in the situation

Author's Bio: 

I am an ambitious entrepreneur and visionary who enjoys learning new things. As an advocate for education and self enhancement I use my knowledge to encourage others to pursue their dreams and maintain emotional wellbeing. An entreprenuer with a heart for the community I believe that emotionally healthy people make up a healthy vibrant community where the various needs can be fulfilled. As an entreprenuer I strive to encourage and support others because of the gift of time, wisdom and knowledge that was generously imparted to me.