With the relationship established by both parties, it has to be a zone where they can feel all the security and support. However, difficulties in relationship can shaken that safety and support you both have in the relationship.Actually, we did not even get the real catch of what the people and society have been telling us. So what happens? we are now trying to figure out things. The difficulties in the relationship can affect you differently.Remember, both men and women have different things and needs and so as different ways of dealing with things.

Although you feel so loved and appreciated on the first few months of the relationship, it doesn’t follow that your relationship will be smoother all throughout. There will come a point in your life that you may get tired from all the difficulties in relationship.
It is but part of any relationship. There will come a point that you will cry because of a misunderstanding. You both think differently, as in you think right, and he thinks left. The different comprehension of things by the partners can lead conflict because no one would want to listen anymore causing yelling and shouting. You see, if no one wants to listen, understanding will never happen.

Sometimes you ask questions to your partner where he came from and when he answered, you felt like he lied and time and time you continue to look for signs that he has been lying to you all this time. In as much as you want to find answer to your questions, you would want to trace history of computer use of your partner, and other signs of cheating. Instead of secretly investigating every move of your partner, it's better to face it and do some confrontation - talk all accusations, suspicions, doubts and dishonesty. Talking about the issues can be very hard to do but it is worth it and it can help you start all over again.

Being jealous is not all about your partner and his someone else.Jealousy is also about how much time you have for each other and how proud you are for yourself as a person. They come all together especially when the partner is busy enough to spend time with you and the relationship, as if you feel like you have been deprived of love, care and attention. With this, you will be feeling so insecure in the relationship plus self esteem is lowered. Jealousy is a weird feeling of uneasiness and it can really affect you as a whole. You can become possessive because of too much jealousy in your heart and mind which are not already appropriate. To prevent this, be aware of your jealousy problems and talk to your partner the issues bothering you. It is also beneficial that both of you must assure your love to each other to bring back the lost self esteem and remove those insecurities.

Remember, PAST is PAST and it's said and done. If you use the past behavior as a bullet for your partner over an argument, it will only offend your partner making the relationship more on the rocky road. Do away with the past, face the present and approach the argument in a non judgmental way.

As the relationship gets longer and longer, sometimes the couples are unaware that they lost communication already because of priorities.It is true that you have different priorities to attend to but hectic schedules is not a reason enough for a lost of communication Remember, it is clear that you enter into a relationship and so your time must be used not only for work but also for your relationship.

It is with relationship that learning is constant - from the best and worst times. While the couples are learning, they are also bound to make some significant changes for the relationship to work. Difficulties in relationship is normal and no one can question that.This is normal because it can strengthen the relationship, making it more meaningful to each one. So the relationship is telling us as couples that we are to be dealing with those difficulties right and to make necessary changes for ourselves and for the relationship.

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