One of the corner stone for most language learners is the word spelling. Maybe you have learned this language for a while and at this time, you can be able to pronounce the English words fluently, but you till can not be able to remember the spelling of words especially the difficult ones which often make you very confused. Due to the clashing nature of British English and American English, the way of the word pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings on the way of word spelling.

If you are eager to know more about some difficult English words which is hard to spell, this article will show you their correct spelling. For majority children, misspelling words is a common problem which require a right guidance to help them learn the right words in the right time. For thid part, you can search a list online, there will be diverse searching results showing, you just choose the top list to download and then have a study. During your studying process, you will be able to discover some useful rules which can be the key to your word spelling. Except for difficult words list, you also need a good language software which could not only show you how the words are spelt, but also can show you different examples which can tell you how to make use of the words in your language speaking.

Rosetta Stone English is a spectacular language software which contains a interactive interface which can show you the result you want as quickly as possible. With this software, you will no longer worry about the word spelling, because this is a intelligent creature which can help you come true your wish that everything you imagine could be saw immediately in another language version. Further more, Rosetta Stone also has other different versions which can become your assistant of diverse language learning. For instance, you can use Rosetta Stone Italian to facilitate your Italian learning which can be professional enough for any one who learn Italian.

Except for the difficult English words we have mentioned, there are also more ones which confuse you all the time, the best way is to make use of good language learning tool, and at the same time, you also need to pay more attention to every word you come across. For instance, when you are reading English articles, there will be plenty of difficult words which is often difficult to remember, at this time, you can write it down by your hands to a special list which are all from what you came across and do some record on it. Then you can store this list to a corner of your computer, when you meet it next time, you will be able to recognize it much more easily.

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