The two commonest form of house mouldings are skirting boards and architraves. Yet, a lot of people confuse themselves between the two as they are not aware of the differences in the making materials.

In words of Dan Decker- A skirting installation expert in Perth:- 

“Architraves and skirting boards are different from each other, yet they serve the same purpose- hiding uneven and untidy areas around the floor, door, window and wall surface. Before, both of them started as fairly uniform and standard designs, but over the years, they have developed.”  

Now one will find a lot of elegant and fancy designs, and for that, the prices of materials will also vary considerably. Some even believe that both skirting boards and architraves are about artwork than its actual purpose.

But despite that both architrave and skirting board are very different from one another.

Here’s a Lucid Explanation To It. 

Architraves:- Also referred to as a beam that rests upon columns as a Greek architecture feature; they are more commonly known today as mouldings. The most common types include chamfered and bullnose. 

In general terms, the architraves are fixed at a cut angle of 45 degrees which is achieved through a mitre block. Other than the purpose of hiding joints or protecting them, architrave serves a key role in many other decor purposes which again harks back to its origin in Ancient Greece. 

Skirting Boards:- Glen Harris:- “ a skirting board supplier states:- 

“On the contrary, skirting boards run by the bottom of the walls and come in an array of styles like PVC, MDF or even wood style. The shape is often dependent on the wall profile and they also durable to tackle damages and accidents.

They should also be joined with the help of a scarf joint and never a butt joint and the reason being they never leave behind traces of fine glue prior to the paint application.”  

Dan further states that selecting a skirting design can is daunting, but MDF skirting boards are the most popular option.

Good Reasons For That:-

  • MDF is made to last for a long time and is also more reasonable to the other common making materials.
  • It comes with a smooth surface, thus making the paint surface smooth too. One will find no holes, knots or other forms of imperfection usually associated with Pine.
  • It also doesn’t expand, nor contracts like wood and is prepared with 100% softwood fibres that keep the density consistent throughout the board.
  • And if these reasons weren’t good enough, MDF boards are also moisture resistant and proves suitable for any area of the house.


Both architraves and skirting boards have their own importance, and that is why is it always worth knowing about its primary differences. For best results, it is always best to contact cheap skirting boards’ suppliers and installers in Perth for your next renovation or construction project.

Being specialists in their field, they will know exactly what needs to be done.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert in skirting installation Perth for some time now and using that educates the readers on the role of cheap skirting boards’ suppliers and installers in Perth for your next renovation or construction project.