There are various reasons for snoring. During sleep, your air passages partially close as the muscles in your throat, soft palate and tongue relax. There is obstruction of air going in and out of the lungs when those muscles have relaxed enough. As a result, there is vibration of the soft palate and hence, snoring. Apart from the medical and surgical procedures, there are various home remedies to stop snoring.

Healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a normal weight may help you get rid of snoring. If you are obese, then try to reduce weight and get rid of the extra fats in your body. Create a healthy lifestyle with a strict diet regime and regular exercise.

Sleep on your sides

Snoring is also associated with people who sleep on their back. However, sleeping on your sides can help you get rid of snoring. Many products are available today which can help you to sleep on your sides.

Warm beverages

Drinking warm milk, honey and warm water will help keep the trachea open by coating the wall of it. Teas containing chamomile, green tea are also good ways to prevent snoring. Drinking a cup of milk with a bit of turmeric powder can also be quite effective.

Other Remedies

Other home remedies include keeping an open bottle of marjoram oil in your room. The fragrance of the oil will stop you from snoring in the night. This is known to be an effective home remedy for snoring.

Always make sure that you get proper supply of fresh air in the night. To prevent air in your bedroom getting dry, you can always opt in for a humidifier.

Meditation, together with yoga will help keep you relaxed and stress-free. These home remedies to stop snoring have proven to be quite effective and they can be coupled with other remedies to help you get rid of snoring.

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