Every toolkit must contain an electric angle grinder as it is regarded as one of the versatile tools which can prove beneficial for a variety of tasks. You can use them for sanding, grinding and even cutting, according to the disc you have attached. Moreover, this category of products includes wide variety of electric angle grinders ranging from a spectrum of manufacturers, such as Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi and Metabo, among others.
There are several varied tasks that angle grinders can perform. Let us analyze the different types depending on their functionality and specification.


One of the prime types of angle grinders in the market is the electric variety, which utilizes the mains power to operate the motor. This type is quite popular and you will find that there are several varieties available in the market offered from different manufacturers. The tool comprises a cord which is used to plug into the socket; this offers limited range, however can be extended using an extension cord. Moreover, this tool can be found in a range of different voltages, based on how powerful it should be. Among the efficient power tools, this variety is commonly used for heavy duty jobs in building sites.

Battery Version

These angle grinders are more convenient in comparison to corded counterparts due to their movable usage and also when being transported. After possessing this tool, you will not have to worry about the closeness of a power socket and the capability to use it for high locations. This battery powered version is renowned due to the simplicity which is bound in replacing and recharging the battery. The preferred and suitable way to work is by managing two batteries so that the user can change one while in operation. Lithium-ion batteries are usually used due to their ability for getting recharged and also due to their low weight.


Angle grinders which use compressed air form are part of the range of pneumatic tools. Although this variety of the tool is available in a small size, it can generate a considerable amount of power. These smaller discs work at a higher count of revolutions per minute as compared to the larger variety, which makes them to wear out faster. However, with this type of grinder, it is easily possible to attach an extra adjustable handle as well as a safety guard.


powered angle grinders can be used as an option where a cordless version of this particular tool is used. This type is available in a larger size that is beneficial for industrial tasks. One needs to ensure that you have the correct type of gas for this power tool. It will also be necessary to take extra precautions while using a petrol powered grinder so as to prevent any type of leakage.


These angle grinders are efficient in nature, however, should be used carefully in order to avoid any accident.

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