This article aims at highlighting the different types of wood being popularly used for manufacturing high quality coffee tables online.

Wood is always the most popular material choice when it comes to manufacturing coffee tables. But the choice of wood is often a critical thing you need to select as there are different types of wood available for designing different types of furniture products. Before you consider buying coffee tables online, you should try to evaluate an array of factors including design, application, aesthetics, preference of materials, and cost. Now here in this article, we would help you to enrich your knowledge on the different types of wood you can choose from for designing the coffee tables.

Here is a detailed discussion on two basic categories of wood you can opt for.


Some of the most commonly used hardwood types are oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, cherry and more. Here is a brief on what you should know about each of them.

• Oak

Being a common domestic hardwood, oak hosts a flame patterned, bold grain which, can be easily recognised. While red oak is more often used for traditional designs, white oak is a bit more exclusive and expensive and can be used for unique and royal designs.

• Mahogany

This type of wood is mostly available in the locals, though often being imported as well. It features straight, and close grains which, reflects uniformity and sets it apart from the other hardwood options. What makes it special is its orange-to-reddish, warm texture because of which it is priced on the basis of its potential. Only a clear natural finish is necessary, and it is mostly ideal for themes with a lot of carvings and designs.

• Maple

This is regarded as the hardest domestic hardwood and used for manufacturing highly durable tables. It don’t have any bold patterns or grains like oak and comes with a glassy finish and creamy consistency; that delivers ultimate class to the table.


Softwood is known to be an affordable choice compared to hardwood. Some of the commonly available softwood varieties are fir and pine.

• Pine

In case you’re manufacturing a table for cabin, lodge, or any rustic cottage, pine should be the ideal choice. It has the swirls, knots and a unique amber colour that can perfectly enhance the interior décor of the space.

• Fir

Fir is a harder choice compared to pine and displays less character with fewer knots and straighter grain. It is more durable and stronger than pine as well. You can use it for building a strong and sturdy table without much of a rustic appeal.

The final word

Choosing the right wood of the table is undoubtedly important to ensure that it can fulfil your needs depending on the aesthetics, features, durability, and cost of the final product. This is why you should consider the type of wood being used while browsing through the different types of coffee tables online. At online furniture stores, you can find a number of options based on your specifications and hence, choosing the right one becomes a lot easier compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Moreover, you can find a range of attractive discounts and coupons and get your dream product at the best deal as well.

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