Teabags are a new trend in the tea industry. Tea has today become the 2nd most loved beverage after water. People across the globe love to take a cup of tea for numerous reasons. Some take it to refresh their mind while some take it as a pass time activity that gives them time to chit-chat with their friends.
Among them, people most commonly use tea bags over loose leaves. But before buying a teabag, you never heed on the fact that there are different types of teabags based on the material used. There are majorly four types of teabags:
Pressed Tea Bags: These teabags commonly have a crimped edge. Their edges are sealed with heat that works as a glue between the fibers. The sole purpose of using plastic mess in these teabags is to keep the bag strong, even when it is submerged in the tea for long. Here, the quality of plastic used is minimal. Still, the heat of hot water causes the plastic to melt and hence dissolve some toxic chemicals in your tea.
String and Tag Tea Bags: These are the commonly available teabags made with plastic polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate. Its mouth is folded and stapled for added strength. Here the purpose of adding plastic mesh is to add strength to the bag. Adding plastic mess gives additional strength to remain packed even under extreme temperatures.
Premium Silken Tea Bags: Now, most of you would be relating it with Silk filer. Similar to the above two, it is also made of plastic fibers. But why 'Silk' is added to this name? The sole reason is to bluff the buyers. Many people consider this teabag as an organic and biodegradable matter. However, this isn't reality. These teabags still use plastic, and hence it bluffs the buyers.
Organic Tea Bags: Many tea producers across the globe use organic leaves and distribute the same to its customers. The sole reason behind this is to save nature as well as maintain a healthy human life. An Ethical Tea Company makes these teabags that don't contain plastic and, hence, are a wise option for staying healthy and saving nature. But you can't easily distinguish between organic and plastic tea bags. Some famous tea brands only use organic teabags. You must stick to such brands and enjoy every sip of tea.
These are some common types of tea that everyone must know before investing in a tea bag package. You must understand that taking tea regularly helps to boost your immunity and give you a healthy body. Furthermore, it is also beneficial in many diseases associated with heart, liver, and even cancer.
So, are you fond of tea? If yes, which one is your faovorite?
Remember, there are different types of teabags. That's why it's complicated and tough for you to find the best brand and stick to it. Nemi teas are one of the renowned brands that offer 100% organic teabag to the customers.

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