Introduction to Steam Boiler

Steam boilers or Industrial boiler is nothing but a machine that helps to change water from the liquid form to steam which is gaseous. This is the most simplest and basic definition when it comes to steam boilers. A boiler is basically a vessel that is closed with water in it. Coal is used to generate heat which releases hot gases. These hot gases get transferred to the vessel where the water is placed, which helps to convert it to the gaseous state of water that is steam. Boilers are utilized for various purposes like warming up the surroundings, a production unit, sterilizing different machine and equipment and lastly also for sanitization of certain areas. 

Types of Steam Boilers

They can be divided into types: packages boilers, water tube boilers, thermal oil boiler manufcaturer, sectional boilers, horizontal boilers and vertical boilers. Vertical boilers are used widely in places where the requirement for steam is very less and also the space is smaller that other places. They are considerably cheaper than a gas fired steam boiler or a industrial fire tube boiler They can usually take pressures to 1.25 MPa. They are also made of many sizes and ranges. It also does not require any elaborate foundations for the it set-up. This is the reason why many steam boiler manufacturers use it and also produce it in large numbers in comparison to any other boilers.

Horizontal epcb boiler or shell boiler is also a very common boiler which was used in the United Kingdom for evaporating rate such as from one to almost twenty tonnes per hour of steam. Water tube boilers are another type which are for practicable outputs and results. They can go up to as high as five thousand tonnes per hour which is crucial to 35MPa. This is both including the reheater and the superheater. It reheats it about to 600 degrees. This is also highly used and produced by industrial boiler manufactures. The water boiler has lower drums and steam drums which are safely connected by tubes. The level of the water is then successfully regulated by the steam drum. Know more about boilers here;

Application of a Steam Boiler

These boilers are used for a variety of reasons and can change according to the seasons every day, or month depending on the demand of the steam. A normal utility gas fired steam boiler usually operates at a rate of maximum capacity due to the frequent demand of steam.

Oil fried steam boiler

They are very popular in places where there is no natural gas or less access to it. Oil fried steam boiler is a very good option to reheat the houses by using resources that are renewable. A lot of companies are now offering this with biodiesel. This also means that there will be less dependence on the foreign resources and we will use more domestic energy resources. This does not create much pollution like heating oil under normal circumstances.


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