If you are planning with a fitness regime, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind along with taking the right kind of diet and protein supplements. Protein powder is a dietary supplement that helps in promoting increased muscle mass during exercise. This can be made from eggs, whey, rice or soy. Source materials are usually processed from their protein content and turned to powder. It is one of the most commonly used supplement among body builders are people that are on strict weight loss program. This supplement is used either with milk or fruit juice and can also be sprinkled on cereals. Depending upon your requirements, you can simply choose different types of protein powder from the following.

Whey Isolate powder

This supplement can be taken either before or after the workout as it is extremely low in fat and designed to be released to the blood stream instantaneously. When a person exercise, they usually break down their muscle tissue and in order to build them up incredibly, you require a supplement that can act rapidly. Whey isolate protein powder can be ideal for such requirements.

Casein protein powder

These proteins are designed to be broken down steadily into the body and hence for this reason, these proteins are usually taken before going to bed at night. However, they can also be taken in the mid of the day as they are good for those times when you are busy to have a meal. These powders also have a bit more fat than isolate proteins.

Egg protein

Eggs are naturally high source of proteins and the powder is made from egg proteins that can either be a whole egg, containing both yolk and egg white or egg albumen, which is only the white part of an egg. These supplements contain less cholesterol than whole egg powders and are quite useful for people that follow a strict exercise regime.
NO-Xplode by BSN is a pre-workout supplement that is designed to give maximum energy for your exercise session. It is also available as a flavored powder that can be simply taken by diluting it in water. This supplement is seamless in giving that extra boost, which an athlete usually requires to push through a workout. These supplements can easily be purchased from online stores, however it is imperative to ascertain the proficiency of the chosen provider.

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