The mere mention of the phrase 'mole removal products' would immediately conjure images of all those commercial products currently being sold in the market today. You can purchase these products at affordable prices. But are you aware of the side effects that these products can cause among users? If these products cause discomfort to you, it is likely that they contain some elements that you are allergic to. To avoid these simple problems, you can try using the mole removal products that are prepared using common herbs or other natural elements. Surgery is also an alternative, but only if you can afford the high cost attached to it. Scarring is also a possibility if you choose to have a surgical procedure done. Let us give you a few pointers on how you can avoid scars developing. You need not spend much on these treatments.

For one, there is the bloodroot extract. Preparing this treatment is very easy. There are eve commercial products that contain this herb in large quantities. The scientific name of bloodroot is Sanguinaria Canadensis. Often, for greater effect, glycerin, water and salt are added to bloodroot extract in these commercial products. The glycerin is specifically taken from vegetable sources. If the drug is approved by the Food and drug administration, it can be used without hesitation. If you want better results, you can do a slight abrasion on the part of the skin where the moles are. What is the reason behind such a step? The abrasion process can be a little painful. But this step is necessary before you should apply bloodroot extract.

When you remove the layer of skin, the penetration of the extract will be better. The pigmented layer will be the first one that the extract will reach. Then it will react on the skin cells. A little irritation will be felt on the skin. But it will disappear soon in three to five days. There are some cases where the moles are diagnosed to be cancerous. Thus in such cases, home made preparations or non surgical procedures will not be handy. You will have to immediately meet the doctor. It is better to consult a dermatologist in this matter. He is the most qualified to make suggestions regarding this matter.

The exact time of application of the wart or mole removal creams and the aftercare measures must be properly understood. Some mole removal products have been reported to be ineffective. Maybe this had something to do with their failure to apply the right amount of cream at the right time. They may even have completely skipped on aftercare treatments.

The extract from figs and cashews could also be an effective treatment. You may also make use of poppy seed extract. Take some of the extract and let it stay on the skin moles for a period that lasts about 20 minutes. Then it is washed off. Then the moles will get completely removed without any scar formation. This method is suggested to those who are not too comfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery. This would necessitate abrasion prior to the treatment, though. Removing the skin cells causing the pigmentation or discoloration will be dealt with decisively. If there is one other mole removal product known for its effectiveness, it is castor oil.

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