We all love to attend weddings. Functions, rituals, dance, special cuisines, and of course clothes & accessories. Hindu, Punjabi, South Indian and Bengali weddings are so colourful that we enjoy every moment of that time.

Speaking of Bengali weddings, these are quite similar to Hindu wedding rituals. If you are a Bengali bride, then you must know all.

Do you know how colourful and amazing is a Bengali wedding?

We will be discussing some extremely beautiful jewellery styles for Brides-to-be. And these styles are especially from some beautiful Bengali brides. As you know how important is for a bride to be ready from head to toe on her wedding day. Beginning with her trousseau, jewellery, and footwear.

Since from the topic you might have known that we are going to give you the ideas on jewellery, so let us just begin with it.

Shonar mukut – The crown

As the name itself says, The Crown. And we are sure that it sounds beautiful as well. This crown will not only accessories your hair but will make you look like a queen. If you adopt this traditional dress of Bengal then this will add royalty to your wedding. Don’t think that if you cannot afford gold jewellery then this might not work or anything. Instead, you can go for artificial jewellery as well.

Maang tikka or tikli

Nowadays, in weddings, most of you must have seen Maang tikka as one of the most important pieces of jewellery. And, yes indeed it is. A Bengali bride does not look complete without this Bengali jewellery. Maang tikka is worn through your hair and comes up to your forehead. Yet this jewellery will make your face glow beautifully.

Nolok- The Nath

Nath, which is worn on the nose. It depends on the bride to choose the heavy or light one. As mentioned above that nowadays every religion follows the same rituals and jewellery. Hence, Nath is the other same jewellery worn by the bride of every religion.

For now, this must-have come to your knowledge that Bengali’s are very much fond of gold jewellery. Especially when it comes to a wedding.

The Choker

This traditional Bengali jewellery is something that gives grace to your neck and face. A choker is a must to wear by every bride-to-be. You will never like to miss this piece of jewellery on your big day.

Ratanchur- The hand Trinket

This very famous jewellery is seen to be worn by every bride nowadays. Most of you have seen brides wearing this on their hands. It makes your hands look even prettier. These are commonly named as Haath Phool.

Chur and Bala- The Bangles

Who doesn’t love to wear Bangles? All girls do, right? A trousseau will be incomplete without Bangles. It is not about Bengali weddings but every wedding around, of every religion or cast. The bangles from traditional jewellery of Bengal are very broad in size and these are supposed to be wear as one bangle in each wrist.

Nupur- The Anklet

An anklet in a trousseau is just like every other jewellery. To make your feet look more beautiful, go for an Anklet. Some brides prefer the string one and some go with the broader one. But it truly depends on how you want to look overall on your big wedding day.

Therefore, the above mentioned were some of the jewellery styles that every upcoming bride must try, especially if they are fond of Traditional Bengali dress and their pieces of jewellery.

Which traditional jewellery of Bengal would you pick for your wedding day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Bengal is famous for its cultural and historical things and Its traditional dress is another best attraction. Wedding dress and daily wear dress you can try.