Indian bridal-wears are coveted for his or her gorgeous and richly decorated forms. The grandeur of the attires is supplemented by the range that these are available across the various regions within the Indian subcontinent.

While sarees are the common Indian wear for ladies, traditional bridal wears show interesting variations consistent with regions. Lehengas, Salwars, and Ghagras are often found more commonly among Northern and Western brides. A Saree is common for the brides within the East while it gets modified within the North East.

In South India, while the Saree predominates, the design of draping, colour choice and even adornments that modify the design of the saree bring wonderful varieties. aside from the bridal outfits, the bridal adornments also show beautiful variations alongside associated wedding rituals, culture, and ethnicity. beat all, the various sorts of Indian Bridal wear make it very interesting to require a glance into each of them. Wedding wear in Lucknow

Kashmiri Bridal Outfits

The traditional bridal dress is named the ‘Pheran’. The pheran may be a combination of Indian and Iranian dressing. The outfit hangs sort of a loose knee-length kameez with beautiful Ari embroidery over the sides. The bride has got to wear an elaborate headgear called the ‘Tarang’. A white cloth turban called ‘Zoojh’ is tied on the bride’s head alongside a ‘Kalpush’. The Zoojh is roofed with a golden glazed paper. Finally, a gorgeous drape of embroidered dupatta covers the top. The bridal Lehenga has heavy Zari and Kashmiri embroidery. Heavy gold jewellery is worn. Unique jewellery called the ‘Dejharoo’ is worn which comprises a pair of small pendants worn through the ear lobes.

Maharashtrian Bridal Outfit

A Maharashtrian bride wears a standard saree called ‘Nauvari’. The saree is typically a bicoloured Paithani with golden pattern border. The bride looks very elegant with the saree being draped during a dhoti style. A characteristic headgear is worn which is named the ‘Mundavalya’—a string of flower or pearls with two dangling ends on the edges of the face. The jewellery is formed of gold, pearls and mogra flowers are used for adorning the hair. A crescent-shaped hoop is worn matching the bindi on the forehead.

Rajasthani Bridal Outfit

The dress may be a heavily embellished Lehenga or a saree. The Marwari community belonging to the present place has heavily decorated bridal attire with gold and silk thread work. The chiffon Dupatta called the ‘Odhni’ may be a vital part of the bridal outfit. Tucked to the waist, it covers the top sort of a veil. it's decorated with hand embroidery. Heavy Kundan and gold jewellery are worn by the bride.

Gujarati Bridal Outfit

The Gujarati bride wears a ‘Panetar’ for the marriage, which may be a bridal saree usually with colours red and white. The saree ‘pallu’ is kept within the front rather than the rear. A heavily embroidered dupatta covers the bride’s head. The work on a Panetar is often simple to heavy stone laden decorations. The jewellery is usually Kundan and gold. Traditional Wear for Men

Bridal Outfits in Uttar Pradesh

The dress is typically Lehenga Choli with rich embroidery. Red is that the usual colour is chosen and therefore the dress is often of silk, velvet or crepe. Gold Jewellery adorns the bride with ‘choora’ bangles and ‘bichua’—the toe ring which is extremely important for a U.P. bride.

Punjabi Bridal Outfits

The wedding during this region takes place totally on lines of the Sikh tradition. the normal bridal gown may be a Salwar Kameez or Lehenga. The brides are gorgeously decorated head to toe. the colour chosen is usually red and therefore the entire dress is exquisitely decorated with beads and embroidery. A dupatta covers the top and therefore the jewellery that's worn includes the ‘Ranihaar’—long, ornamental gold necklace, decorated red and white ‘Choora’ bangles, Tika, Nath and most significantly the ‘Kalire’. The Kalire is tied to the Choora. It consists of pretty golden and silver danglings.

Assamese Bridal Outfit

The traditional Assamese dress is that the ‘Mekhla Chadar’. it's made from silk. the colors used are sobre like white, gold, cream and silver. The bridal make-up and jewellery are kept minimum yet classy. Traditional gold jewellery is worn. The Maangtika worn has traditional Assamese motifs thereon.

Bengali Bridal Outfit

The traditional Bengali bridal wear is that the Benarasi silk saree. Red is that the traditional colour, but similar shades also are worn. The saree has beautiful golden Zari work everywhere. Gold jewellery is worn everywhere. A white Styrofoam tiara made in traditional design completes the design. Another beautiful part is that the use of sandalwood paste and red paint designs painted on the bride’s forehead, cheeks, and chin. ‘Alta’ a red dye is applied on the palm and feet.

Bridal Outfits from Odisha

The bridal dress maybe a yellow saree with red borders. Gold jewellery is worn by the bride and almost like Bengal, the bride’s feet are decorated with the red ‘Alta’. a shawl called ‘Uttariya’ is additionally worn around the saree. Nowadays, brides also choose Lehengas also.

Tamilian Bridal Outfit

The Tamil bride wears Kanjeevaram silk sarees in bright colours. The sarees have exquisite Zari borders and golden ‘Buta’ embroidery. the foremost beautiful adornments of the bride are the jewellery decked on the hair and worn around the waist. the normal ‘Jadai Nagam’ is worn on the braid of the hair which symbolizes a cobra—standing for fertility. They also wear a gorgeous headpiece called ‘Nethi’ bordering the forehead with ‘Maangtika’. The waist belt is named ‘Oddiyanam’ and 2-3 layers of gold necklaces are worn by the bride.

Bridal Outfits in Andhra-Telangana (Telegu Bride)

The Telegu brides wear interesting outfits. they need to vary their outfits twice for the rituals. During the Kanyadaan ceremony, the bride is brought during a basket by her maternal male relatives. At this point, she wears a Kanjeevaram saree complete together with her bridal jewellery. Next, within the Madhuparkam ceremony, the bride changes into a white cotton saree with a red brocade border. Jewellery consists of gold and pearl.

Bridal Outfits in Kerala (Malayali Bride)

The bridal dress maybe a white silk saree with golden border called ‘Kasavu’. They wear gold jewellery but also tons of floral jewellery. this provides simplicity and elegance to the bridal dressing. They wear necklace, bracelets, and garlands on the hair of Jasmine and Rajanigandha flowers.

Apart from these regionally diverse bridal outfits, there also are other differences in bridal wears across India. it's indeed fascinating to ascertain bridal beauty in numerous flavours.

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