Some clothes are just unimaginable without elastic, isn’t it? Whether it’s socks, suspenders or swimwear, ever thought how would these clothes fit you without elastic. However, most of the garments do require elastic but not the same type.

There are different types of elastic having different capabilities, you need to choose the perfect one that suits your sewing project. Neither one size nor one type fits all. Every type of elastic ha different uses, you need to pick wisely.

Here are the most popular elastic used in sewing projects. Let’s checkout:

Lingerie elastic:

Probably one segment of the garment where elastic is not only crucial but also high regard. If the elastic is of poor quality, you know how embarrassing the situation can turn out to be.

The elastic used in lingerie product should be very comfortable and skin-friendly. Knit type of elastic is mostly used in this type of garments.

Swimwear elastic is slightly different from lingerie elastic as it is designed to be saltwater resistant, chlorine resistant and sun resistant.

Knit elastic:

A lot of garment use knit elastic due to its soft and comfortable nature. It is either directly used in light to mid-weight fabrics or in a casing.

Since this elastic does not narrow when stretched it is mostly used in garments such as track pants, pants and pyjamas. It is used for clothing whose elastic touches the body. Knitted elastic is available in many colours but most commonly is available in white, black and beige.

Braided elastic:

One of the most popular elastic types for apparels, the braided elastic is used in the sleeve hems, necklines and in casings.

This elastic is shrink resistant and maintains its stretch. As compared to other elastics, braided elastic posses longer life expectancy. Braided elastic has parallel and gets narrowed when stretched.

Woven elastic:

The superior quality, robust woven elastic is also popularly known as no-roll elastic. This elastic has varied horizontal and vertical ribs and does not get narrowed when stretched. You can easily stitch using this elastic without weakening.

Woven elastic is used in medium to heavyweight garments. This elastic us used in making cushion covers, home decor items, bags and for casings in apparels.

Fold over elastic:

If you are looking for a designer, printed elastic, gold over elastic is the best. It is mostly printed on one side and plain and smooth on the other side that comes in contact with the skin. However, some of the fold over elastic can be irritating sometimes on the skin due to its print and scratchy pattern

Preferably, fold over elastic is widely used as finishing edges in fabrics with stretch. Any knit fabrics like undergarments or athletic clothing can also ideally use this elastic.

Other popular types of elastic used in sewing projects are baby elastic, clear elastic, button hole elastic and elastic thread. All these elastics transforms itself as you sew.

This guide will surely help you with your next DIY sewing project.

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