There are various types of computers for sale online but we are not aware of all these types. Today we are going to introduce 5 different types of computers you might have never heard before.

Here you will see different types in two ways. One difference between the computers is the performance that a computer delivers. This performance is expressed in terms of budget, mainstream and high-end performance. Another thing that differentiates is the shape, size and weight of a computer/laptop. Is it in a large cabinet with a separate screen or in a small size that is easy to carry?

See what types of computers are there and what advantages and disadvantages each form has.

What types of computers are there?

There are currently 5 different computers to define.

  • Desktop; a large cabinet with a separate screen.
  • Nettop; a book-size cabinet with a separate screen.
  • Laptop; a portable computer for table use (no longer being made).
  • Notebook; a light portable computer (current standard).
  • Netbook; a small and energy-efficient notebook without a CD / DVD player.

Desktop computer: A desktop computer is a computer that most people have at home. Desktop computer consists of at least a computer case, screen, keyboard and mouse. This is actually the standard choice people make when they buy a new computer.

What is a Nettop Computer?

The nettop has been around since 2008. It is a very small and lightweight desktop computer with the size of a book. These devices are relatively inexpensive and performs well.

Although a net top is very light, but after installation, it becomes difficult to move. This is because the cables connected to the screen, mouse and keyboard are attached to the nettop. If possible, the nettop is also connected to the internet or with speakers.

Portable computers (laptop and notebook)

A portable computer today is just as powerful as a desktop computer. A portable computer is more expensive to purchase than a comparable performing desktop computer. MacBook, ChromeBook and NoteBook are the best examples of portable computers. We agree that chromebooks and MacBooks are expensive than desktop computers but you can easily find refurbished MacBook in best condition online.

Moreover, there are some online stores to buy used MacBooks in reasonable prices. Most of the time, students get the most benefit from such services because selling their used laptops help them to finance a newer version. MacBack is a trusted and reliable store that buy used MacBooks in reasonable prices. For more details, visit this website.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to the advantages of a personal laptops (or portable computers), size is the most important feature that makes the difference. We all know it is small and handy. You can easily carry and take it with you anywhere you want.

Expanding your device is not easy and this is the biggest disadvantage of portable computers. Often, special parts are required from the manufacturer to repair or upgrade a notebook and these are often expensive.

Netbook computer

A netbook is a new type of portable computer that has been sold since the beginning of 2008. The difference with a 'normal' notebook / laptop is that a netbook is smaller, it is very light, very energy efficient and is relatively cheap. Because a netbook is much smaller, the screen and keyboard have also been made much smaller, which has consequences for the ease of use. The netbook is therefore popular as a computer for the day. The majority of people who buy a netbook already own a computer and buy a netbook like a computer that they can easily take anywhere to use.

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