You need to install a commercial HVAC system in your office, and use a ducted air conditioning system to cover a large area. There are various commercial air conditioner components available, and they work together to ensure the overall efficiency of the HVAC system. The compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system and it is not necessary that every fault is somewhere or the other related to the compressor. Most of the companies offer a long-term warranty on their compressors and you can avail the same if required to save on repair costs.

Commercial Air Conditioner Components

But there are some other commercial air conditioner components available in your office and you need to replace them after a certain period. In this case, you can contact the manufacturing company to buy genuine commercial air conditioner components and you should not use duplicate components in the air conditioning system. Here, you can find some commercial air conditioner components:

  • The air conditioner in a commercial HVAC system is similar to your residential air conditioning system. It will dehumidify the air and remove the heat from your rooms. You must know that an air conditioner does not cool your rooms by itself, but it’s a combination of components that help regulate the temperature of your rooms.
  • The compressor is another important commercial air conditioner component that can kick off the heat from your rooms and maintain a moderate temperature as per your desire and requirement. It is the refrigerant that can increase or decrease the temperature and pass the air to the condenser. Once the air is passed to the condenser, it will start the cooling process and circulate the cool air in the rooms.
  • Apart from that, you can also find a condenser in your commercial HVAC system, which is a heat exchanger. It removes the heat from your rooms and transfers it to the exterior area. Gas refrigerant then turns into a liquid refrigerant, and the heat pump of the condenser will collect the heat from outside.
  • Each condenser of the commercial air conditioner has an expansion valve, and it can remove the pressure from the liquid refrigerant. It also removes the heat pressure from the liquid refrigerant and turns the liquid into a vapour. The expansion valve can be installed inside or outside of the HVAC system, and can increase the overall efficiency level of your air conditioning system.
  • Air handler is an important component of your commercial air conditioners and it can circulate the air in the rooms. You can find this handler connected with your ducts and it collects the heated air from the indoor and returns it into the system. It is equipped with a blower, an evaporating coil, and other devices. You need to change the evaporating coil of the air handler after a certain period of time to ensure high efficiency. If you cannot get enough cool air from your commercial air conditioners, then it must be an issue with your air handler. You need to change the evaporating coil to increase the cooling efficiency level of the commercial air conditioner.  
  • Apart from that, you can find some thermal units in the commercial HVAC system, which consists of an air filter, coil, and blower. These units are available in various sizes and you need to change their filters to maintain the commercial air conditioning system.
  • Some air conditioning systems are equipped with chillers, which will remove the heat from the indoor area through the pipes. These chillers are connected with the condenser coils and they can keep your rooms cool by fan-drive air. These fans are installed in the outdoor units of your air conditioning system.

Commercial Air Conditioner Components

After reading this article, you have fair idea about the commercial air conditioners and its various components. All you now need to do is get in touch with a company that provides this service.



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