Many health conditions are treated as a result of clinical research or with medical treatment. Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the effectiveness and safety of devices, medication, diagnostic products and treatment regimens for people. Such research is used for treatment, prevention, diagnosis or providing relief from a disease. Clinical research volunteers are indispensable for the research process.
Medical Treatment defined
Medical treatment, on the other hand, is when a person visits a doctor or other licensed health care professional for counseling or observation. Diagnostic procedures, such as blood tests, x-rays, administration of prescription medications are used only to diagnose and later, treat various health concerns. Find out about medical clinics in Miami, soon!
Clinical Research defined
Depending on what researchers are studying and evaluating, depends on the different types of clinical research that is conducted. Examples of clinical research types are treatment, prevention, diagnostic, screening, quality of life, genetic studies, epidemiological studies. Clinical research has a variety of goals such as identifying causes of illness, developing new treatments and medications, studying trends and evaluating ways in which genetics may be related to an illness.
Comparing Clinical research to medical treatment
When comparing clinical research to medical treatment, clinical research is different in that it answers specific questions by enlisting help from research volunteers, created to benefit future patients, paid for by government agencies and drug developers and following research protocols. In addition, clinical research requires written informed consent, involves periodic and systematic assessment of patient data and is protected by government agencies and legal standards.
Benefits of clinical trials
Participating in a clinical trial can provide many benefits such as gaining access to new treatments before they are universally available and enjoying a healing process that otherwise would not be available without the clinical trial. Clinical research volunteers are essential for any clinical trial.
Medical treatment and its benefits
Medical treatment focuses on the needs of individual patient, is intended to benefit the individual patient, is funded by the patient and his or her health insurance plan, requires timely decisions, may or may not require informed consent, is based on as-needed patient assessment and is guided by professional standards. In addition, medical treatment is available to the public through product labeling. Medical clinics in Miami can answer your healthcare questions.
To conclude, clinical research and medical treatment offer similar but different ways of treating a patient. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Find out more about clinical research and medical treatment from your doctor or other health professional and learn how each can benefit you and your family.

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