There is no denial of the fact that financial loss can percolate in the life of any investor whether he is young, middle aged or old. This kind of loss not only have financial impact on the person but it also takes emotional toll over him or her. According to Chicago commodities lawyer best way to deal with the situation and to settle scores with the broker and the brokerage firm is to take help from a securities arbitration lawyer.

It will be interesting to note that most dispute cases between the investor and the brokerage firm do not go to court, on the contrary they are taken to financial regulatory authority called FINRA.

Let us discuss some of the cases in which you can seek help from an arbitration lawyer!

  1. Unauthorised transactions! According to Chicago commodities arbitration lawyer, your broker and brokerage can be subjected to legal case if he does any trade without authorisation of the investor. Broker or the brokerage firm do not have any authority to do any trading on behalf of the investor without his knowledge or permission. Brokerage firm can do such trade only if it has written permission from the investor.
  2. Change of risk profile and unsuitable recommendations for trade! According to a renowned Chicago mediation lawyer, if your brokerage firm changes your investment profile without your knowledge then you have all the rights to take legal action against it. Apart from that if it makes some unsuitable recommendations regarding sale or purchase of stocks leading to significant financial losses, then also you can take legal action against them. For example if you are a middle aged or a retired person and brokerage firm changes your investment profile from conservative to aggressive then it can translate into change of risk profile.
  3. Mutual fund shifting! According to Chicago arbitration lawyer, in order to earn more brokerage, if a broker suggests you to exit one mutual fund and invest in some other fund without taking best of client interest in consideration, then investor can take legal action against the broker and the brokerage firm.
  4. Fake stock research! According to Chicago futures arbitration lawyer, another example of fraud by the brokerage firm is making the investor to believe in fake facts and figures about a particular stock or the company and pursuing him or her to invest in that. This can be termed as fraudulent investment and an experienced security lawyer can help you to make a claim and recover the losses.


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