What are Business Forms?

Business Forms means any form which is used in business but is not business stationery. They include all kinds of forms which accounting and payroll use, like invoice forms, checks, employment forms and feedback forms. Other forms used in business include hiring forms, firing forms and recruiting forms. Apart from these, there are also financial forms which are included in the category of forms used in the businesses. Some financial forms include deposit forms, business checks, invoices, record keeping books and others. The idea of using business forms is to represent a company in front of others.

Business Types & Forms

Depending upon different types of businesses, there are different types of forms available to be used in the day to day activities: -

1. Sole Proprietorship – It is a kind of business entity which is owned and operated by one individual. The different kinds of forms available to be used in such business type include:
Agreement for Sale of Business
Financial Consulting Agreement
Asset Purchase Agreement

2. Limited Liability Company – It is a flexible type of business entity which blends the features of both partnership & corporate structures. It provides only a limited liability to the owners of the business. The forms under this category include:
Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement
Agreement of Redeeming Interest of Single Member in the Company
Acceptance of Appointment
Acceptance of Election

3. Partnership - It is a business entity where the involved parties agree to co-operate with each other for their mutual interests. Partnership forms include:
Joint Venture Agreement
Partnership Tax Return Engagement Letter
Notice of Dissolution

4. Corporations – These are usually legal entities which are formed to conduct businesses. However, charities, clubs and public bodies are considered as corporations most of the times. The forms included in this category are:
Acceptance of Office
Acceptance of Election
General Shareholder Proxy
Certificate of Election of Officers
Annual Stockholder Meeting Minutes
Special Stockholder Meeting Minutes
Letter regarding Sale of Assets

On the websites such as BusinessOfficePro.com, there are business forms templates available to help write the above types of forms. Visit the website and get an access to all these forms.

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