Women love fashion and dressing up in nice colors for various occasions, and this is perhaps the reason for their increasing fashion demand. Regardless of their culture and other aspects, a majority of women like to pick the best and the latest outfits for every occasion. Color coordination is always on their mind when they plan to dress up for any occasion.

 wear abayas

Being a Muslimah, woman should always stay conscious about their dressing style and while looking for outfits they should ensure buying only modest ones that do not allow any kind of inappropriate exposure. This doesn’t mean that a Muslim woman has to look boring or monotonous. In fact, wearing Abayas in different color combinations can make a woman look very fashionable, chic and understated at the same time.

When choosing an abaya, women should always go for the best choice of colors, as colors have a major role to play in a dress. Women must choose a color that compliments her skin tone and is well-matched with her accessories. Besides, choosing complimenting colors, women must also ensure that they aren’t too loud for a particular occasion that they are going to attend. For instance, a woman wearing dark colored abaya in the scorching summer days would completely turn out to be a flop show. For a summer day, women must embrace pastel or muted colors which are soothing to the eyes and not bothering to the eyes. While for summer evening function, one can dress up in more dramatic colors like brighter shades of blue, pink and green.

On the other hand, winter day time abayas should be the exact opposite of it. Winter time abayas must be crafted of darker and louder shades of colors like black, grey, brown and mauves blended with style. These colors have an appealing charm, especially during the winter time when these colors have nice effect and can liven up a woman’s mood. Dark blue, burgundy, maroon and rusts are great color tones for wintertime evening functions or events. When worn with great embellishments and accessories, these colors can be very flattering and will set a woman apart from everyone else.

So, colors play a very important role in a woman’s dressing style and sense. Therefore, women should choose different occasion wear abayas according to the season, and choose the right color for a special occasion that is both flattering and complimenting to a woman’s skin tone. Go for colors that accentuate beauty and make you the center of attraction on a special day.

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