The increasing demand for COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing has pushed the production abilities of manufacturers in the nucleic acid preparations (NA prep) industry. Numerous RNA extraction kit manufacturers in India are managing shooting demand for RNA extraction kits and various other COVID-19 related items. 

SARS-CoV-2 is responsible for the COVID-19 global pandemic, encodes its genome in a single-stranded RNA. In-vitro diagnostics of COVID-19 are performed by quantitative PCR (qPCR), but the first RNA should be extracted from the sample and reverse transcribed.

Role of RNA Extraction Kits

The COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) RNA extraction kit is well-designed for the isolation of RNA from nasal/throat swabs collected in viral transfer medium (VTM). It is intended for Molecular Biology Application that is compatible with automated magnetic separation systems. 

The RNA kit is well-designed for both quick manual and automated preparation of RNA from nasal or throat swabs collected in VTM. It is used with RNA Pure magnetic separator that can hold at least 12 to 16 microcentrifuge tubes for the easy isolation of 12 to 16 RNA samples in less than 20 minutes. The RNA kit can be easily accessed in any 96-well-magnetic separator plate or various other automated magnetic separation systems. For storage, the room temperature should be around 15-25°C. 

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RNA Extraction Kits Used for COVID-19 Testing

The RNA extraction kits usually include some steps. First, the sample is mixed with a solution that lyses the cells to release the genetic material. After the inactivation of RNAse activity, denaturation of nucleoprotein complexes and removal of contaminating DNA and proteins can happen to purify the RNA. The results of cellular debris and the extracted RNA can be further processed to the RT-PCR step. If you want to purchase an RNA extraction kit wholesale, make sure to get in touch with a trusted manufacturer with a certified record.  

The most popular method utilized for RNA extraction of an infected person’s nasopharyngeal sample is manual testing. The method involves isolating the RNA utilizing guanidinium thiocyanate-phenol-chloroform extraction. The chemicals utilized in this extraction of degrading the proteins or cellular elements by breaking down the hydrogen bonds within the molecules, while protecting RNA and DNA. 

Next, the RNA is separated from DNA with acidic solutions involving guanidinium thiocyanate, sodium acetate, phenol, and chloroform. Once it is centrifuged, under acidic conditions, the RNA can stay in the upper moist phase of the solution, while the DNA and proteins stay in the middle and bottom organic phase. The total RNA is then triggered with isopropanol to get rid of any remaining chemicals or salts in the RNA.

Another type of RNA kit is the automated type; the machine can run 32 samples at a time which can further expand when machines are linked in the network. The machine can be utilized for a variety of RNA and DNA based tests involving COVID-19 RT-PCR tests. The machine ensures that DNA/RNA tests for COVID-19 can be performed without manual error, less supervision and decreased human involvement. 

In Conclusion 

To fight against the global pandemic, many RNA extraction kit manufacturers in India like PathKits are doing their best to meet the requirement and pass the quality check for COVID-19 kits for testing purposes. 

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