As most of us know what are the best way to be comfortable is by wearing the casual dress. If one has to look at the most popular casual dress through out the world, it has to be T-shirts. T-shirts are the only one which has the most number of users through the world in almost every country. Now when we come down to the most popular casual wear in India it has some unique component that makes it more popular than other wears.
When we look at the history of the T-shirts we find they have a long history and were actually evolved from the undergarment used in 19th Century. These undergarments were known as union Suit. These union suits were latter divided between two the upper part was latter known as T-shirts. After the World War II when the war veterans started using the T-shirts over the uniform trouser the T-shirts gather much of momentum. Even since then the t-shirts have become a popular daily wear cloth. The making of T-shirt is most of time done with the help of cotton fabric, but many other fabric are also in practice but not as popular as cotton.

These T-shirt has some popular components that have stayed with it for a while and thus they are worth discussing. Initially T-shirts was popular among the youngsters as they were easy to maintain, which means you could wash them easily and iron them without any trouble. They are light and thus allow you much of comfort. More over they are quick and easy to wear and this was the biggest reason as to why the T-shirts for Men become so popular. Initially when T-shirts started becoming a rage among the youngsters many used it tacitly to support many different cause, many political movements in Europe and America where supported by the slogans printed on the Tshirts. Latter with the commercialization of the football and other sports around the world the T-shirts become the uniform of the players representing different country and clubs. As the t-shirts have become a obligation among the fans of different sports the rise of popularity has been seen in recent decade.

The last but the most crucial reason for the success of the T-shirts in almost every country is, the corporate and MNC have started to allow there employees to wear casual T-shirts on Friday and Saturday. As the reason behind it is to allow the employee to fell comfortable before the weekend, and take a break from the work pressure has made a way for the T-shirts in to the corporate offices. Thus we can conclude with the point these metals have made T-shirts much stronger in today's world.

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