When you are a salon or spa owner, it's likely that you have been trained to use many facial massage equipment and have your preferences in terms of what sort of tools you prefer to use. There are definitely many possibilities in terms of what to use for facial massage, and this includes just your own fingertips as well as excellent massage oil that will not clog the pores and there are surely several salon owners that would prefer to use just the fingertips of the hand as an alternative to any sort of electronic machine. But in case you do want to get equipment, there are numerous types available.

For example, there is ultrasonic equipment that will give an excellent cleansing and tightening of the skin and help clean out the dead skin cells and oil that is clogging up your client’s pores. One could decide among many different configurations and a number of styles. A couple of people insist that ultrasound treatment opens capillaries in the facial skin which enables the flow of blood to increase, to make the skin younger looking, more supple, more naturally colored, and with a lesser number of blemishes. Ultrasound machines for the face at the same time provide a gentle effect on the fat underneath the facial skin. You wouldn't like to take out almost all of that fat because it is what gives mild curves to the face and it then makes it more pleasing. However, you do want to keep cellulite away as that can make the features of the face lumpy and bumpy. Facial massage with ultrasound is able to keep cellulite away, according to some proponents.

Another type of facial massage equipment available is infrared. Of course, this will depend who you speak to as to whether this is an excellent treatment option or not, the same as the other treatments discussed here. Proponents point out that the infrared helps to increase the circulation of blood which quickly heals damaged tissue. Increased flow of blood also makes for a much healthier color and for more nutrients to reach the skin so the face looks younger and smoother. Other people say that making use of red light therapy and blue light treatment will also help with acne scars, anti-aging treatments, the lessening of wrinkles, and even just rejuvenating the skin.

Also, there is a hot/cold facial massage treatment on the market that is called cryolipolysis. The concise explanation of this is that cold is applied to extra fat on the body or face and that this will help break up the fat cells which in turn are effectively digested by the body. Sometimes it is termed as cool sculpting because the salon owner may use the wand almost like a sculpting tool to carve away sections of fat that they want taken off. Of course, it is not immediate, but that is the overall idea.

There might be other methods that come to the picture as well in the future and maybe a few of these will be discredited. You always intend to ensure regardless of which equipment you prefer to use that you understand exactly how it is to be used and what it can actually do for your clients prior to starting treatments on them. You may want to find a spa that offers the treatment already and go to either observe or have a treatment yourself if possible to see what works and what does not.

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