An embroidery machine is an important tool for anyone interested in taking up textile designing as a hobby or career. Embroidered clothes are in great demand all over the world, owing to the beautiful patterns and designs done on them. Different craft projects and corporate advertising too make use of embroidery as a useful skill.

Earlier, the skilled designers in the Asian countries like India would embroider clothes with hand. Though the results of hand-embroidery are perfect, they consume a lot of time and efforts. As a result, the importance of machines for embroidery has grown in past few decades. Here are some of the most important factors considered while choosing an embroidery machine.

Type of Operation

On the basis of operations, there are three types of embroidery machines available in the market. These include:

Mechanical embroidery machines

Electronic embroidery machines and

Computerized embroidery machines.

As their names suggest, a mechanical embroidery machine is operated manually, while an electronic machine makes use of electricity for embroidering. Computerized embroidery machines too make use of electrical power, but they are much more advanced and their working is controlled by computer programs. Mechanical models consume more time, but they generate highly finished designs. On the other hand, computerized machines can generate embroidery designs on a number of cloth pieces in short period of time.

Need for Embroidery Machine

Those who wish to purchase embroidery machines to pursue their hobbies at home can choose machines with simple functions. It is an obvious thing to understand that a commercial embroidery machine has more features and is capable of performing more functions. The individual needs too are among the deciding factors while purchasing machines for embroidery.

Features and Functions

Commercial embroidery machines are designed to generate high output in less time. This is the reason that different models of these machines are facilitated with a variety of features. For instance, automatic needle threader is one desired feature to speed up the task of embroidering. Besides, there are machines with 20-25 heads, each head consisting of up to 15 needles.

Multiple needle positions, numerous stitch functions, variety of stitch patterns and many such features can also be found in a modern embroidery machine. As a result, the choice of machines for embroidery is based upon the features one desires to have.

Price and Brand

The prices of embroidery machines vary according to the number and types of features each one of them offer. Evaluation of individual needs can help one choose an embroidery machine within a specific price range. Another important factor is the choice of brand for these machines. There are a number of reputed manufacturers who regularly launch improved machines for embroidery in the market. For a good quality machine, buyers give preference to brand name over price.

To conclude, need and convenience of using the machine, desired features, price and brand name are among the important features that help in selecting a good embroidery machine. People who are highly enthusiastic of experimenting with their embroidery skills do take these factors into account.

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