Be it in the kitchen or in the dining room, the main center of attraction will always be the dining tables. This particular furniture piece is known to be the king of kitchen and that’s why every modern day household has a table, no matter the design and the number of seaters it has.

Today, there are multiple wooden dining table designs which can be differentiated as per the interior décor and style of the interiors. For example, a contemporary looking room will either need a rustic or a contemporary dining table. A modern day room will need more embellished and shark featured dining table.

So you see, for different kind of décor, you will have different design. This is why here we have discussed five such designs which are not only marvelous and spectacular but also functionally amazing.

Crossed leg wooden circular dining table

This is one of the best dining table models that you can have in your home. The small size of the table is an added advantage and hence, you can easily have it placed inside your kitchen if you do not have a separate dining room.

The main beauty of this dining table is in its legs, which starts from four corners of the circular circumference and then joins at the center. From the center they again diverge and ends on four corners of the floor.

This butterfly shaped leg design makes the raw more elegant and graceful. Also, the chairs are amazing, especially with a curved back that allows you to lean against the headboard easily. The seats have upholsteries which will make it easier for you to dine without having to worry about getting a stiff back.

Red black amazing combo square dining table

Red and black colors compliment both amazingly, and in a marvelous manner. This is why this dining table design is so loved by all. Made from hardwood, the table is quite sturdy and hard from the exterior itself.

Here, the wood has a dark black finish with glossiness being at it’s zenith. Just along the center runs a wide strap of red glossy finish, from one vertex to the opposite of this square-shaped dining tabletop.

To complement the look, the chairs have red upholstery and the rest of the part has black glossy finish. The backrest is straight and has wooden rods as the fence.

Dark mahogany storage dining table with six seats

This dining table furniture has an amazing design, thanks to the dark mahogany finish of the wood. This helps you to place the table in a rustic or contemporary looking room where you need a bit of darkness to accentuate it’s beauty.

The tabletop has four drawers along the longer sides which can be used for storing napkins, spoons, and so on. The six chairs have high backrest, which almost seems like royal seats. With straight legs, the table seems to be quite appealing.

Glass dining table with modern design lobe

As you heard the name, the tabletop has a thick glass which has blackish hues to make it complementary with the white leg structure.

Amazingly, the tabletop rests on a lobed structure which is quite thick to support the entire weight. The chairs are quite modern in style with the backrest being in the shape of your back to give the maximum support.

Contemporary brown dining table for six seats

This is a perfect table design for Victorian or Georgian styled houses. The thick long curved backrest has wooden rods placed one after the other, making it look like royal seats. The teak finish of the table too is marvelous.


When you are looking forward to buy dining table online in India, make sure you are taking care of the design and the number of seats you wish to have. Extendable tables are also available.


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