Toefl is the most common tests students go for but when they are faced with the TOEFL essay questions they get so nervous because nobody in the world has the idea about the TOEFL essay questions. This is how; they are not able to prepare themselves properly. Therefore, students should be quite brainy to answer the different types of TOEFL essay questions but in case if they can’t then they should go through the following guideline which is specially prepared for the students who are not able to handle the TOEFL essays questions.

TOEFL essays question No 1:

Most of the students believe that they can educate themselves well then the teacher while some of the students thinks otherwise. What is your approach regarding this, state your answer with the help of strong arguments.


Here, you have to take one approach out of the two so it is advisable that you go for persuasive approach because you want to convince them that whatever you are saying is right. Let us say that you are on side of the students who can educate themselves better then teachers, so you can provide the following arguments in your TOEFL essay.

1- Students who are good in learning themselves are self-motivated and independent and don’t need any spoon feeding.

2- People who are self-directed can develop new ideas and hence scale the heights of success.

3- If you turn the pages of the history, you will find many geniuses who learnt by themselves, make sure you are including some of the names from the past in order to make the argument more powerful.

TOEFL essays question No 2:

IF you bump into a person during your visit to United States of America then who should be the person you would like to meet?


Since, this TOEFL essay question deals with your preference then the ideal approach would be of descriptive approach, here you would be incorporating descriptive approach where you would be illustrating about the personality who inspires you the most. Let’s say that the idea personality of yours is the president of United States of America then you can include the following points to make it more interesting.

1- You want to meet the president of the U.S because you want to become the president of U.S in the future if possible, although, its sounds idealistic but who knows.

2- You are quite inspired by his way of handling the power.

3- You are impressed by his personality, if you are a girl you think he is quite dashing and if you are a boy then you want to be like him.

4- You have compared his achievements with all the past presidents of U.S so you think he is the best out them all.

Therefore, if you will devise the list of points that will be incorporated in the TOEFL essay question then handling a TOEFL essay question would not be a problem for you. Before commencing the essay writing, make sure you have fully understood the TOEFL essay question.

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