People who already have HOLIDAY VILLAS IN SPAIN know of its beauty, the culture, the incredible sights and spectacular views with so many eye openers. It is not possible to compare one country with another as all have something which is unique. All have something that draws the crowds, whether it is the changing the guard at Buckingham Palace, flying over the Grand Canyon or the Sydney Opera house are all places that we should all see at some time in our lives and that is the real beauty of travelling.

There are few places on the planet that has such wide diversity as Spain. It is not only the regions that differ from place to place but towns in the regions that can be so different. There is nowhere else that has villages so high up the mountain that they are almost cut off from the rest of the world yet have thousands of tourists flocking to see them. Ronda is in the province of Malaga in Andalucia and hangs precariously on the edge of a deep gorge, with narrow winding streets typical of the Muslim influence. At the end of every turn there is a spectacular vista of the likes few people ever see. It’s a wonderful example of human achievement: building so high almost a city in the clouds. Try eating at one of the restaurants with its windows overlooking the gorge below.

Visit Ronda not only for the views from the top of the gorge: there are plenty of other things to see and do. With one of the oldest bullrings still in use today, a place that invented the current way in which a matador pits his skills on foot as opposed to the old way when they would fight from the back of a horse. And then Ronda is also famous for its visitors as both Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles enjoyed their time in Ronda. The bridge that spans the Gorge and the Guadalevin river took almost 150 years from conception to construction and it is now a museum but was once a prison in the middle under the road. It is something worthy of any traveller to the region.

If it is bridges that take your breath away, then head to Cordoba. In contrast to Ronda, Cordoba is in Costa de Luz and its bridge spans the river Guadalquivir. At one time this ancient Roman city was exporting olive oil and wheat at a time when the river was navigable. The Romans built the bridge across the river which is wider than the bridge at Ronda is tall: 775 metres wide with 62 spans. After the Romans left, the city became a capitol for the Muslims in El Andalus and the legacy they left behind was the Mezquita which eventually became the largest Mosque in the world. It’s now the Cathedral of Cordoba. There are many other ancient buildings left by both the Romans and the Muslims but also many other wondrous sights to see such as the Alcazar which was built by the Christians as a fortress in 1328. Like Ronda, there are many places to wonder through and be amazed by.

That is just one of the many reasons why people should visit Spain, if only to see the difference between one town and another. Take some time while in your HOLIDAY VILLAS IN SPAIN to appreciate the difference there is between two towns so close together.

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