Currently there is a lot talk about the replacement of traditional relationship marketing. Personally I think everyone has their own channel and strategy to be applied at the target that we want to lead us, the type or sales needs and get the result.

Before seeing the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of each, we comment what we mean by traditional marketing and relationship marketing:

Traditional Marketing: It focuses on sales of the moment, in the background leaving the relationship with the customer, focusing its action on the product or service that has generated the production of the company, looking to sell as soon as possible and streamline the business profitable stocks.

Relationship marketing: Attraction Marketing and relational key parts, is the strategic management of collaborative relationships with customers and other stakeholders, in order to create value and distribute evenly.

Some differences traditional marketing vs. Relationship marketing:
Traditional Marketing:
•Find the steady increase in sales.
•Looking to have sporadic contact with customers to sell their stocks punctual.
•It focuses on the characteristics of the product or service.
•Seeks instant and immediate sale.
•It works on the basis of return on their stocks.
•The quality concerns only the production staff.
•Seek immediate profit of the seller.
•It is aimed at a target and broad masses.
•The positions of the vendor and the client are clear.
•Looking for immediate sale depending on the quality and price.
•It faces economic exchange.
•It is based on the direct and massive.
•Communication is one-way: company -> customer.
•In short, is facing economic exchange.

Relationship marketing:
•Find sales that are of quality and continuous in time, no intense promptly.
•The goal is for the customer contact is uninterrupted.
•It develops and on the client. The customer is king.
•Customer feedback is important and constant, especially once the customer has used the product or service.
•It focuses on customer value on perceived value and you want.
•The product or service is developed according to your wishes.
•Look for the win-win:
•Product quality and service concerns all personnel of the seller.
•It is more personalized customer focus action seeking customer.
•The boundaries of the sale are unclear, as a joint effort between the vendor and the customer.
•We need to develop internal marketing activities for the whole company staff collaborate.
•In short, aims to exchange value.

The use of each of the marketing strategies is to assume a way of understanding the marketing, the market and the company. In expanding markets, which dominates demand on supply, traditional marketing is often more effective than relationship marketing, however, in mature markets where supply exceeds demand and there is certain saturation, relationship marketing is the road and clear strategy to follow.

Every company in the market depending on who moves, even being in a state of expansion, it is convenient to use relationship marketing procedures, as customer retention costs are always lower than those of re-conquer.

In service companies, relationship marketing is the clear path to follow and use, because if you use this strategy as a whole get a significant competitive advantage, differentiating you from other competitors. In the long run you will be much more profitable and stable strategy.

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