The exterior surfaces of your house are generally exposed to dirt and impurities. You might clean it daily but still some parts remain untouched. The decomposition on the surface becomes so strong that it becomes challenging to clean the same with the general house cleaning techniques. You will give your entire day for cleaning but you will never get what you wish to see. Also, remember that it’s the external look of your house that gives the first impression to the visitors.

So instead of wasting your time and money, we recommend hiring professional cleaning services. They have trained employees, advanced tools and equipment, strong cleaning agents and well-defined techniques to clean your house. They use different ways to clean different areas of the premises with a guaranteed result. We know it is chargeable but not equivalent to the amount that you will spend on the DIY cleaning process and that also without any guaranteed output.

We have mentioned above that cleaning companies use pre-defined techniques to clean the surface and 2 common techniques amongst them are:

• Pressure washing services
• Soft washing services

The professionals study and analyse the condition before implementing the techniques. Sometimes, it’s you who has to decide the service and convey the same to the cleaning company.

In case you are confused, we have mentioned the differences between pressure washing services and Soft washing services.

Use of water and pressure required

Pressure washing services- Under this technique, the volume of the water might be less but it is strongly pressurized to remove the hardest decompositions.

Soft washing services- Here the volume of the water is very high but the pressure is low. The hard decomposition is difficult to remove at one go.

Use of chemicals or chemical-based products

Pressure washing services- The water plays the primary role in the pressure washing services so no hard chemicals are used. General cleaning agents are used by the companies to remove the impurities from the surface.

Soft washing services- The pressure of the water is slow so it uses a higher concentration of chemicals and cleaning solutions. The experts loosen the dirt with the use of chemicals and then spray water on the surface.

Intensity of the damage or related risks

Pressure washing services- With the use of this technique, the chances of surface damage is too high because the force of the water is very strong.

Soft washing services- In soft washing services, the water pressure is less so there is no risk of any surface damage. It takes time to clean but does not spoil the external areas.

Both the techniques are best in their ways so you should know your requirements and the budget finalizing the deal with the cleaning company. Just ensure that the company you hire is experienced and has a good reputation in the market.

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Shashank is a Content writer with over 3 years of experience in professional writing.