Software testing is done by using two methods, manual and automation. In manual testing of software human intervention is a must. In Test Automation human factor is not as important as this is a prerecorded set of rules that can be reversed. In manual testing, bugs and errors cannot be easily identified, in automation testing bugs and errors are not only identified but it is fixed by developers. Automation testing is more useful in software development rather than manual testing. Manual testing is suitable for that software that does not have a large number of users. Automation testing is apt for that software that has to manage large data and a big number of users.

Manual testing is time consuming because the entire process of software testing is repeated to modify the source code. In entire manual testing human involvement and effort is required, on the contrary in automation testing, test cases are executed on application several times, in order to get the expected behavior, and report the bugs and errors so that these can be fixed by developers. Manual or automation both are linked with software testing. Automation testing can be repeated until all the bugs are not fixed and it is not assured that the product is ready to launch.

Automation testing results is more reliable because there is a chance of errors when testing is done manually. But in automation testing programming is done one time carefully and ready to implement on any application for testing. Software testing although totally depends on testers how they plan testing and execute the test plan but test cases should be design in such a way that it should bring out hidden information. In manual testing such programming cannot be done to bring out hidden bugs.

For manual testing more human resources need to be employed, in automation testing although less human resources are required but it is more costly rather than manual testing. Automation testing is fast and required less human resources but it cost heavily to the business concerns. Software testing is helpful for both developers and testers. Testers can design more test cases, as they have plenty of time in automation testing; in manual testing there is a least chance that testers can design more cases as manual testing is too much laborious and time taking. Automation testing is more reliable and more helpful in software development than manual testing. The more you focus on automation testing the more you can get the better results.

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