As technology developed, so the people. Day by day technology leading to new inventions which helps the society. The catalyst for all this development is an engineering and most computers. If you are having a good interest in computer hardware and software and is confused about what career you should be going. Here are all your answers!!
If you want a direction for working with the computer then there are three choices one can consider Computer Engineering, Computer Science and IT Engineering. All this course are highly interconnected to each other, so many fundamentals, skills and technology you would be learning during these courses. Mainly Computer Engineering focuses on hardware development, Computer Science on software development and IT focuses on the networking of the system. Computer Engineering and Computer Science are more technical courses so are on more preference. IT focuses on business class and lighter technical classes and is good for those who want to make their career with soft skills vs hard skills. Let start to know about these courses more.


Coding!! yes, Coding languages are used between the conversation of a computer engineer and a computer. These codings contain algorithm and unique mathematical systems. To understand this coding computer engineer need to have depth knowledge of how it works.
During the course, you will know how to steer the complex relationship between hardware and software. With combined technical knowledge and skills, the student learns to develop software (like the apps and operating system for mobile and desktop) to solve complex problems. This requires an in-depth knowledge of hardware too, and that's the reason computer science is sometimes blended with computer engineering. But Unlike Computer Engineering, you would not be focussing on the manufacturing of the hardware.


The main career path of a computer science engineer is software development, system engineering and web development. A software developer works on the codes. They design and codes various programs. A system engineer designs the operating system that provides the building block for software. Various website is designed through codings such as WordPress or Squarespace where and individual can create its own website. This help an individual to work on it without any codes. But if any company requires more work to be done then a web developer is a sure needed person.


Information Technology Professional helps an organisation to arrange their data in a well-organised way. The proper arrangement of data helps the employee while protecting it from anyone else. They are expert in making full use of the potential of software and hardware yo help the organisation to achieve there set goals. In the IT Engineering degree, you would learn to build, maintain and protect networks, as well as how to choose the right hardware and software to get the job done.


An IT Engineer main role is to build, protect and analyse the networks. Their career path is mostly networkings, i.e. Network Engineers, System Administration, System Analytics and IT Specialist. The IT engineers are the ones who actually implement both hardware and software organisations needed.


Just think, if we had no computers. Yeah, it could have been with Computer Engineers. Computer Engineer continuously designs powerful component like Circuit board, Microchips, hard drives, processor, etc. Computer engineer coordinately works with Computer Science Engineer so that they can design hardware that supports the most resourceful software.


Computer Engineer mostly works in manufacturing, designing and developing parts for corporations that produce Personal Computers, Phone, Tablets, etc. And rest works in government sectors, research, teaching and system design companies.

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