Before the wedding
In India, if you are of 25 years of age you are probably married. If a girl has a boyfriend with whom she is quite happy, it’s not uncommon that her father may advise her to leave the boyfriend so, that she is single again to get “arrange” married. Similarly if a couple is happy with each other and does not want to get married, their “significant others” will still have an issue. Because in India if you are not “settled” in accordance to cultural norms people won’t let you live. However, in most western countries, parents or relatives or any person for that matter does not interfere so much in the couple’s life.
Engagements in India are a wild affair, the family throws a extravagant celebration at a grand banquet with people all dressed up, majestic gifts being exchanged basically every activity that can prove to be very toxic for your wallet happens. In western countries, a couple strolls along the beach or a church or maybe their own houses and the man proposes the lady, perhaps gifts her a ring and voila! They are engaged.
The vows
In India, there is a tradition of 7 phere where each phera is an significant indicator of a promise whereas in western countries couples get to write their own vows and read them aloud on their wedding day As similar suits are worn by all the best men while the identical dressing is done by the bridesmaids. Still, people may find a simple “I do” easier compared to 7 phere at an Indian marriage.

At the Wedding Banquet
In India, a majestic wedding banquet in a premium hotel is booked by the girl’s father like royal pepper banquets in north west delhi where a large spaced hall is booked for the wedding other functions like sangeet, reception are a different affair altogether. in western countries weddings are hosted at a church after which reception may be staged at a hotel.

Give and take of Money
Dowry is still a common practice in India. It can still accelerate to be a big issue if the bride is not getting any dowry in some parts of India, not denying that things are changing but at a snail’s pace. in India, where bride’s sisters steal the shoes of the groom for money although in western countries the groom will never be asked to take off his shoes and even if he does no one will be interested to pick them up.

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