For as long as any of us can remember whenever you wanted to lose weight people told you to go on a diet, and they had a whole array of diets like the apple diet, or the atkins diet or the subway diet, and now a days it's the paleo diet or the keto diet and this and that...

Look, dieting just doesn't work...

Why doesn't it work?

Simply because, when you start a diet you know in your mind that this is just temporary and because of that you will do it for a couple of weeks and go back to the exact same way you were eating.

So say you go on a diet and you lose 10 pounds, that's great!

But once you are off the diet you go back to your old habits and you gain 15 pounds!

The answer to losing weight is not just going on a diet for 3 or 4 weeks, the answer to losing weight and maintaining health is to change your eating habits for life!

It's a small yet huge shift that makes all the difference in terms of results.

And look; I'm not crazy, I'm not saying you should eat nothing but kale for the rest of you natural life, I'm not a monster ok?

I'm saying change your habits, change your life, don't just diet for a couple of weeks and expect a whole different body, change you habits meaning don't go on a diet you can get off of at any moment, get on a diet for life, make a conscious lifestyle choice to better your body and your health...

Now the question arises...

What's the best lifestyle diet to adopt?

There is paleo, keto, slow carb, the list is endless, but for sustained health, nutrition and weight loss the best dietary lifestyle you can chose is a whole foods plant based diet.

That's right not meat dairy or eggs, plenty of fruits vegetables, grains, legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds.

Now does this mean you can't have pizza or ice cream ever again!?

No, look if you eat 2 out of 3 meals plant based you are making a huge impact on your health, and your weight.

I'm a full on Vegan myself, for some people that seems too much, look I'm not here to convert you, this isn't how we get you, relax.

It's just been scientifically proven many times over that a plant based diet is the healthiest diet you can have, the one that will keep your body weight in the right amounts and the one that will protect you and in some cases even reverse the top killing diseases among human beings such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

The longest living and healthiest population of earth (and the slimmest) use to be the Okinawans who ate animal products once or twice a year, that is until they started eating things like fast food and then it all went down hill.

Look I'm saying go plant based for the majority of the time and you will see results for your health and your waistline, when I went vegan almost 5 years ago I felt a huge change, my energy went up, my strength, my bowel movements were better and if you must know even my sex life got better (I was like a teenager again if you know what I mean fellas).

You can still have the occasional ice cream, cookies or pizza just make sure it's ocasional like once a week or once a month, being a bad vegan is better than eating this stuff all day every day.

Change your habits, change your life.

It's that simple yet a lot of people struggle with it...

Don't let that be you, have the discipline to understand what you want set a goal and a standard for yourself.

Remember why you want to lose weight, make that your primary focus and then make the change.

I hope you found this helpful.

Make this a great day!

Yamil Senior

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I don't have long list of credentials, I have what I consider a greater asset, a long list of accomplishments.

Through the years I've learned how to play the drums, the guitar, paint, draw, tattoo, be fluent in spanish (working on japanese and portuguese), I train in Ninjutsu and MMA, marketing, online marketing, blogging, I've written books, travelled to most continents and met a lot of people.

But the one thing that really aroused a passion inside of me was teaching others what I had learned so I dedicated myself to teaching.

I became obsessed with what makes people tic and how far can we actually go and the more I learned the more I realized we all are born with an amazing potential to do great things…

The only limitations live inside of us.

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