Clinically, chronic prostatitis in men is a very common trouble. If left untreated for too long, it will lead into grievous sensation associated with the male urinary system and even lead to infertility in men. So male friends are supposed to attach much importance to this problem and defer to the doctor’s treatment without delay.

Generally speaking, the herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to patients with chronic prostatitis, which features a great effect on disperse inflammation and improve male urogenital system.

Aside from active cooperation with the doctor for professional treatment, patients should also pay attention to daily diet, which is often seen as adjuvant therapy for chronic prostatitis.

There are many dietary therapy methods for patients with chronic prostatitis. Some are inexpensive, some are simple, and some are helpful. The following 3 recipes in daily life are what you are worth trying.

1. Lotus leaf bean soup

The materials that you should prepare include lotus leaf, white lentil, soybean and mung bean. First, wash the ingredients and put them into the pot together. Add the right amount of clear water and boil until the beans are cooked well.

Drink this soup in the morning and evening separately. It can play the role of detoxification and clearing away heat, invigorating the spleen and qi, which is conducive to the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

3. Yam congee

The materials that you should prepare include raw yam, white rice, ghee and white honey. Select the yam carefully first and put them into cool water, turning into a paste. Then put some water in the pot and bring to a boil. Season with a little sugar if needed.

It can be eaten as breakfast at ordinary times. This porridge can play the role of strengthening the spleen and reinforcing the lungs, strengthening the kidney and nourishing the essence. In patients with chronic prostatitis, this regular food can help to relieve the disease.

3. Astragalus and cogongrass soup

The materials that you should prepare include astragali radix, lalang grass rhizome, cistanche deserticola, watermelon peel and granulated sugar. First of all, cut the astragali radix and lalang grass rhizome, then put them into the cooking pot with cistanche deserticola and watermelon peel.

Make a soup over a medium heat, and you can drink it two or three times a day. This soup can play the role of invigorating the spleen and kidney, which can achieve certain conditioning effect to chronic prostatitis.

Usually, the dietary therapy for chronic prostatitis has a good palliative effect, but you must insist on the diet. And it is recommended that patients should take more cool, refreshing and clean food. Furthermore, patient with chronic prostatitis should eat less fried, spicy, greasy and hot food, and abstain from smoking plus drinking alcohol. With healthy diet plan, you can get better soon.

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